Far out…

It has been awhile since I did a blog. I was gonna let it die (sound familiar?). Some of you may have even considered it dead already and fair enough I say. I thought about doing a new blog, but then I thought, ‘what’s the point?’

I was bored though and hadn’t even checked the other blogs in awhile. So I just did (hence the influx of steaming-fresh comments). Then I thought I’d give mine a bit of a facelift. There’s an hour.

But as some of you may know, I’m bailing on Australia in a month or so for awhile so there’ll be plenty to blog about there. I promise… I do.

Just flicking over the last few blogs I did though. As for my car Rita, she died. I killed her. Smashed her. Dead. I have a new one now which, quite frankly, I hate a little more each day. But it was a good deal and it goes.

I moved into a different place. It’s pretty good…

So my plan thus fur is to make some cash doing these lucrative contract(s) I’m about to embark on. See how long I can keep it up and retain some portion of soul. Then move to the country somewhere (WA, Vic, whatever) and restore old furniture and play piano by myself, for myself. Life will be sweet!


~ by Hooly on August 23, 2009.

2 Responses to “Far out…”

  1. Your bailing on Australia? Ooooo, an adventure. Where to? Or an I meant to play a choose-my-own-adventure to figure it out?

    Contracts in music, or something different?

    Hows your ankle?

  2. Hey James, I was wondering how long it’d take people to figure out my blog is semi-back-in-action. Most of my friends don’t use fancy RSS feeds or even the basic wordpress blogsurfer. Philistines…

    Yeah, you can play choose your own adventure (which isn’t too far off what I’m doing) but you’re allowed to leave your finger in the page in case what you choose is a quick death (unlike me).

    But basically, in a nutshell, I’m going to Dubai for 6 or so weeks for a music-type contract thing. Pretty cushy deal. But yeah I’m trying to get the website up before I go so I can hustle. I’ve got some photos from Purdey, just need to smack together some info then I can send it all your way 🙂

    My ankle… is fine? My knee is giving me some trouble when I run on it for too long. So I don’t run on it for too long.

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