Poor Rita :(

So my luck finally ran out and a Perth driver took my scalp. Loverly Rita lost her face 😦

I was parked in a parallel parking spot and waiting for the traffic to clear before I pulled out. A car slowed down and indicated to pull into my soon-to-be-vacant parking spot. The traffic cleared so I pulled out and he began to move into my spot. All of a sudden, a speeding motorbike tried to fang around the other car and zip back in front. Unfortunately, I was in front of the other car. He clipped the front of Rita and a large section of the front of her came flying off. The motorcyclist slowed down, looked behind him at the trail of debris left in his wake and sped off like a bat out of hell.

I thought about fanging after him to get his license plate number and/or his head but thought it better not to leave a chunk of my car on the road. A nice man helped me get the piece back into my vehicle and I drove home looking very suspicious with no license plate or basically a front to my vehicle. Poor Rita was nude.

I got it home and had a bit of a look at it. This was the damage:

(Click image for link to larger version)

I thought about blurring the number plates for this blog but come on, about five people read it. The other thing is I’m probably going to have to get them changed to WA plates soon.

It turns out my car is basically made of lego though and this was just one piece that needed to be attached again. So after two hours, one trip to Bunnings, banging metal back into shape with a hammer, attaching larger washers, removing broken clips, lots of shouting in foreign tongues, screwing in screws contortionist-style and singing songs of comfort to Rita I had her looking OK again:

(Click image for link to larger version)

A tiny bit dented and scratched on one side but a pretty good outcome really. Only thing was I think this gap is bigger than on the other side of the car. The other part must’ve been bent a bit. Nothing too dramatic though:

(Click image for link to larger version)

Lucky that it was something I could fix myself as having to go without my car would’ve made things extremely difficult. That idiot motorcyclist could have killed himself. Funny thing is, if he had’ve stopped I would have got his details but then called him later to say don’t worry about it. So now he has to live with the guilt but hopefully he got a bit of a scare and will take more care from now on.


~ by Hooly on March 10, 2009.

10 Responses to “Poor Rita :(”

  1. Holy crap! Robin just had a car accident last week, and now this! I guess you weren’t lying about Perth drivers being denguses! Hmm…dengai? Not sure what the plural form of “dengus” is, but anyway, I digress.

    I’m sure glad you’re okay though, and Rita looks good as new!

  2. ha ha! Good blog Hooly. At least this accident wasn’t your fault. You named your car Rita. Any backstory to this? The name Rita reminds me of “When the Whistle Blows”, starring Andy Milman.

  3. Or Millman.

  4. I’m surprised that he didn’t come off the bike. What a git.

    I hope “shigadabia’ is still the choice word in such situations. Or however you would spell that.

  5. Phew we are glad that you are ok. Pretty neat repair job too.. could be a future side line for you?

  6. Maybe you’ll have to add spikes or chainsaws to the front of your car while in WA. That way when motorcyclists hit your car they know it.

    Plus it’d be rad. Demolition cars in WA, you could start a trend.

  7. I agree with James. That’s a sound idea. Considering how well you put Rita back together, I don’t imagine it’d be too hard for you to add a chainsaw or too. Or a guillotine!

  8. Well James I might just have to do that if this keeps up. Thanks everyone for your concern. Yes Adam, ‘shiggalubbadya!’ was one of my choice words. i’m not sure how to spell it.

  9. Well done Fjoord. You handled the situation with grace and your resourcefulness does you credit, but they could be made to serve the Emperor.


  10. HA HA HA Ed, nice one.


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