Movie Ticket Poster

I’ve been collecting movie tickets for some time.  I don’t know why I started collecting them. I guess I’m a bit of a hoarder. But then the enigmatic Daniel85 told me about his aunt that had collected them for years and made them into a poster. So I thought I’d do the same thing. I’d stuck them all to some crappy bits of A4 joined together and then collected a bunch more, but just recently I cut up the old poster and stuck them all to this big piece of card:

(click image for link to larger version)

It dates back to 4th August 2001 when I saw Final Fantasy. The bottom row is all just from last Summer, thanks to Crommo and his fringe benefits as well as my sister’s penchant for the cinema. I’m going to go to Officeworks now and get it laminated because I like getting things laminated. I hope the heat doesn’t turn it all to black. Maybe in another ten years I’ll have collected enough for another poster.

On a side note, I had mentioned in an earlier blog that my contrabass saxophone blog gets an alarming number of hits. My ‘two yolks in one egg’ blog also gets a large number. Incoming searches like: ‘2 yolks in one egg safe to eat?’ and ‘what is the term for an egg with two yolks inside?’ are a regular occurrence. Suzy’s sister Amanda mentioned an egg that had no yolk. I thought that was cool.

Now I know I am wont to make empty promises about upcoming blogs but I’ve got a few more crappy ones in the works.


~ by Hooly on February 14, 2009.

12 Responses to “Movie Ticket Poster”

  1. Dude that is nice. I stopper collecting when the 6 years of tickets I had lost all their ink whilst in my wallet, I got disapointed and tossed them all out.

    I can’t see one from the time that SAGO hit up the cinemas in an act of spontaniousness…

  2. Thanks, James. I think I started collecting every single one religiously after SAGO had disbanded, so there’s some gaps there in the earlier years where I wasn’t as strict. Do you remember what movie we saw?

    I hate clutter in my wallet so I kept them in an envelope but there are some that have faded nonetheless 😦

    Also, the laminating lady confirmed my suspicions. The poster would become black as the proverbial ace of spades. I just put clear contact on it and it looks pretty good and should protect it. It hangs proudly in my room.

  3. I collect movie tickets too, so I like your idea. I also wanted to see “Snakes on a Mothaf**kin’ Plane”, but then I realize I hate snakes. And planes. And movies about snakes on planes. Anyway, great post!

  4. Nice work Hooly. I am proud that the two tickets on the bottom row that say “SiteStaf” were because of me. There are some shithouse movies you saw, hey? And some good ones too. I thought you might like to know I’m finally arranging “He Ain’t Heavy, He’s My Brother” for my band. It pleases me.

  5. Cheers Sheri and Crommo. Yeah some of those movies were pretty bad. Don’t forget the ‘Curious Case’ one was from you as well, but I had to take someone else’s ticket for the poster as we didn’t get them because we (well, me following you) had the audacity to just walk straight in. Good work with ‘He Ain’t Heavy’, I look forward to hearing it.

  6. Your blog’s made me realise there’s more people out there aside from my brother and I who religiously hold on to our movie ticket stubs. I used to keep mine in a sewing box my grandma gave me. The box itself was filled to the brim with all sorts of nifty things so I got a stanley knife and cut a hole in it’s peach-coloured satin lining and kept my movie tickets in there. It fit three years worth of stubs in before the satin ripped some more and rendered the whole holding bay useless. Ever since, my movie tickets have wandered from my wallet to various compartments in my car. Your poster board’s a great idea, Jules! Nice to see you blogging again, too.

  7. I used to collect the parking tickets that I’d get in Fremantle, Perth and Mt Lawley. I don’t think that’s as exciting though.

    How was parking at Officeworks? They say that the carparks there are massive, but in my opinion, they’re some of the saddest, most pathetic carparks in W.A…

  8. OK Suzy, you need to pool all those tickets into one area, perhaps an envelope in the draw of your desk. As much as I love grandma boxes filled with nifty things, you need to get those tickets in the one place or you’re a goner.

    Mel, as for the parking at Officeworks… Well I went to the Morley one and you’re right it was sad and pathetic but I’ve always gotten a park there so I can’t complain. My car has a pretty sweet turning circle which helps. The Geelong one is sad as well and hard to get a park and busy and angry and dangerous 😦

  9. How loverly to see you’ve posted up some delicious snippets for us to read! Dunkaroos WERE a treat! I hardly remember buying them. Great job with the poster – contact can be a little tricky..remember all the school books we had to cover??? A definite test of skill and patience! AIlso I forgot to tell you that I had Roo Wellington in Hall’s Gap! A fillet of roo smeared in bush chutney and cooked in Puff pastry served on a pile of sweet potato mash with salad. It was wunderbar!!

  10. Thanks, Ma! Well I guess the few DunkaRoos you bought really made an impression! 🙂 The rarity made them all the more better.

    As for the contact, it was a tricky job. I do remember all the school books we had to cover. Even better, I remembered Dad’s advanced contacting techniques which I employed to maximum effect on this poster. He’d be proud.

    You did tell me about the roo, but hearing about it again has made me hungry, despite just having eaten half a bucket of chocolate soy ice-cream.

  11. I thought it would be fun to go through your poster to find all the movies I was at with you.

    It wasn’t, but here are the results anyway:

    – Star Wars: Episode II
    – LOTR (I think I saw at least one of the trilogy with you, not quite sure which though.)
    – Star Trek: Nemesis
    – King Arthur
    – Snakes On A Plane
    – POTC 2: Dead Man’s Chest
    – Borat
    – Night At The Museum
    – Pan’s Labyrinth

    And I’m afraid that’s where our acquaintance ends.

    Did you enjoy Benjamin Button? I thought it was pretty cool. Reminded me of Forrest Gump a lot. I loved the drunk Scottish sea captain.

  12. Daniel. Your profile picture warms my heart.

    I was sure we saw Star Wars Episode 1 together as well, but it appears the ticket for that went missing 😦

    I thought Benjamin Button was a grand film. Although my experience of this is somewhat biased as it was my first ‘Gold Class’ experience with an excess at a massive discount due to Crommo.

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