Two yolks in one egg?

All my life I’ve been cracking eggs. Only ever one yolk inside. On the 12th of October I cracked an egg into a jaffle and it had two yolks in it. I was quite perturbed. I didn’t take a photo because I couldn’t prove that I’d just dumped a yolk from another egg into it. Recently I bought a dozen ‘Golden Eggs’ free range extra large eggs. So far two of the eggs in it have been double-yolkers. I feel bad, as if I’m murdering twins. Enough is enough, time to put the word out there.

Today, a Saturday, I had a couple of rehearsals in the morning. When I strolled back into the house at about 12:30pm, I was quite peckish. I felt like a few good old-fashioned fried eggs on toast. I cracked the first egg into the fry-pan and this is the result:

Clearly two yolks from the one egg. You can see how they’re kinda still joined together. I cracked a couple of extra eggs in which thankfully were normal. Here you can see the comparison in size:

Weird. Has anyone else ever had double-yolkers? By the way they were perfect eggys to munch. The little cast-iron fry pan I cook them in is my friend. It is really good at cooking stuff.

In a seperate matter, I practice in a little den at WAAPA (if someone else isn’t in it). There is a whiteboard in the room. In a break I wrote the words ‘Welcome, Friend!’ In big letters across the board. The next day they had auditions in that room and the two staff were sitting with the whiteboard directly behind them. When I went into the room to use it after they were done my message was still there. I just love to think of the people rocking up into the room and seeing the two smiling auditioners (which by the way were Goldschlager and Tanfield so I suspect they saw it and decided to leave it) with the cheerful welcome message behind them.


~ by Hooly on October 25, 2008.

15 Responses to “Two yolks in one egg?”

  1. I decided to do some research AFTER publishing the blog. Although rare it is not uncommon to get a double yolk. Someone claimed to have a whole carton of them. The most yolks ever found in an egg was nine.

  2. Wow. I’ve had a double yolker before. I was weirded out but Neil assured me all was well and I ate it. It tasted like egg.

  3. that is amazing! šŸ™‚

  4. Welcome Friend! That sums up WAAPA, it seemed a real nice place. All the students were really nice people. It’s good to see you have such a great bunch of mates at WAAPA these last few years.

  5. I can’t believe it!! Fast Eddy has just done a segment on cooking eggs on Better Homes and Gardens. I even picked up a few useful tips!!!

  6. I’ve never had a double yolker, but I don’t think I could eat it if I ever got one. Too freakish.

    I enjoy your food blogs. I’ve been thinking about effecting a little return to blogging just out of sheer boredom. (It’s dismal here; grey and rainy all day, gets dark at 4:30.) I’ve been cooking a lot, so maybe I’ll showcase one of my signature dishes.

    I noticed in an earlier blog you mentioned that you drink So Good. I don’t seem to recall your having any kind of medical prohibition of dairy, so is it just a matter of preference?

  7. Daniel Roberts! I was just thinking today, it’s been awhile since you stopped by my blog.

    Any blog from you would be a welcome sight indeed.

    As for the So Good, it was an experiment by my estranged Naturopath to see if dairy (amongst other things) was giving me migraines every other day. I think it’s had some effect, not that much though. I’ve grown accustomed to its face now and thought there’s no harm in laying off dairy when I can.

    I am back in Clifton Springs on the 3rd of December so if you haven’t jetted off to the New World by then we must catch up.

  8. Unfortunately I’m already back in the States, so I’ll miss out on catching up when you get back. But I understand you’ll be back in Victoria full time next year, so our paths shall cross again.

    I just posted a new blog entry about a mall shooting I was involved in (not personally!) yesterday. Good ol’ US of A!

  9. I’ve not personally had a double-yolker, but a brother John I know has. He even, on breaking the egg, exclaimed “Wow! A double-yolker!” I was surprised in two ways:

    1.) a double-yolker existed, and
    B.) Brother John knew EXACTLY to call it a double-yolker.

    However, he had come across them before and I am almost certain that that is how he knew to refer to them as double-yolkers.

    I enjoyed your “welcome, friend” message. I like random acts of good … goodness.

    Great blog, Jules!

  10. Unfortunately Oberts I am coming back to Perth next year so it might be a good while before we get to see each other again. Just make sure you update your wordpress photo every now and then so when I next see you at my 30th birthday party it’s not a shock.
    Read about the mall shooting. USA indeed. Fark.

    Suzy that is funny because I didn’t realise that double-yolker was a term that other people used too. I liked the welcome message too šŸ™‚

  11. “So far two of the eggs in it have been double-yolkers. I feel bad, as if Iā€™m murdering twins.”

    You are retarded. The eggs are not fertilized.

  12. Yes we are aware of that… What we want you to do is to use your acting skills to portray the character of the wizard… for the duration of the film.”

    They still had the potential to be twins. It’s sad šŸ˜¦

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  13. Hello guys,

    Im myself was wondering, if a site/blog like this existed, google for the win, šŸ™‚

    I got my 1st double yolkers as they are being called, 3/4/09 was from a dozen of Peace Farm eggs i was so excited, i might go play the lotto today.

    take care guys wishing you all the best.

  14. Bill, you just made my day šŸ™‚

    Good luck with the lotto!

    Google for the win indeed šŸ˜€

  15. You’re doing the egg a favor by eating it, there’s now way a double yolker could grow, both would die IF they could even fertilized sucessfully. I had a double yolkers, I figured, double protein right? Also, double yolkers usually just mean the chicken is young, some of her first layings can be “fart eggs” eggs without yolks, or double yolkers, I’ve also heard of double shells or egg inside an egg or even no shell eggs being laid. Sometimes double yolkers are genetic too. It’s just the reproductive system slipping up.

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