Come On Down! One Night Only!

(Click the picture for a larger size)

Join corporate entertainer Julian Foord as he delights listener’s young and old with his charming renditions of the Jazz piano repertoire. Everything from Morton to Mehldau. A family-friendly evening with great music, marvellous food, witty stories and good times.

Yes, yes, I know. My return to the blogging world is unprecedented but I’ve rediscovered the thrill of expressing myself through writing. Also being somewhat side-lined due to a little bit of RSI trouble has given me some more time. Don’t forget to check the food blog out below.


~ by Hooly on October 21, 2008.

7 Responses to “Come On Down! One Night Only!”

  1. Where can I get tickets?

  2. Oh, you DO know how to make pictures clickable and larger in another window. Should’ve done that on your food blog.

  3. I still like the idea of the cardboard cutout and the autographed posters.

  4. Jochen: If you’re in Perth on the day then you can get in for free. You’ve probably got the furthest to travel of anyone.

    Blobs: Yeah I can do pretty much anything. The Macs in the E-Lab were taking long enough to load the pictures as they were so I didn’t wanna stuff around to much. People mostly skim over the text as it is so I doubt they’d click on the link to a larger picture. I figured the size actually wasn’t too bad in the end. Whereas with the recital poster I thought it might be good to have a larger one and there was only one pic to stuff around with.

    Mel: I do like the idea of people getting their photos taken with my cardboard cutout. I figure with the autographs maybe just on the photo, not the whole poster? A la David Brent?

  5. Speaking of cardboard cutouts maybe Buddha could make an appearance? 😉

    he made it to our brownlow night this year. i’ll give him a call if you like and see if he’s available.

  6. That’d be fantastic. I’m hoping to get as many celebrities there as I can.

  7. That is a great photo.

    Good luck on Thursday. I hope Rex’s recordings are as good a quality as his were of my own performance.

    RSI is a bitch. Lets practice so much next year we get it again! YEAH!

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