It seems weird putting this blog up now. I wrote it on the weekend but I’m only uploading it today. It’s a fairly jovial blog which matched my mood at the time but now I feel basically the opposite. It doesn’t help that I’m in the brand new computer lab at school and there’s still not enough computers to go around so I’m forced to use this aging Mac. As for those who check this blog to no avail for months on end, I suggest the ‘blogsurfer’ feature on WordPress. Most of my readers are wordpress members. You just log in and check that every now and then and it lets you know who has done a blog. Then you can get right in there with your comments and put your two cents worth in. Like me.

Ok let’s do this. Food blog. This one’s for you, James.

Cinnamon Breakfast

I’m annoyed that these images have to be so small because it makes them look bad but it’s easier to load for you guys and it can’t be much bigger or the sides get cut off. I still love a good breakfast in the morning. Over the last few months I’d kind of lost my appetite and was sometimes only having a banana for breakfast, which is admittedly still a good breakfast. Usually had in the car on the way to uni. I think it was rollover from not sleeping well, my morning routine was knocked out but I’m right back into it now. I sound like a mess though. It wasn’t that bad, it’s just breakfast. I still haven’t talked about the breakfast, let’s do that.

At the moment I’m into the cinnamon breakfast, consisting of:

-3 Wheat Biscuits. Commonly known as Weetbix. Maybe there’s an ‘h’ in there, I don’t know. Good stable foundation for the breakfast. I remember when I was in high school I would eat upwards of 6 of them, covered in milo. These days I’ve toned it down a bit and fleshed it out with some other stuff.

-1 Narny. Banana. Solid fruit. Rating of ‘strong to quite strong’. Tastes like a dream and if you’re putting it in your breakfast it doesn’t have to be in the two-day window of perfect ripeness.

-Sullys. Sultanas. Not too many, not too few. Adds a bit of colour and character to the meal.

-Soy Milk (usually ‘So Good’ of some description). Liberal dose thereof. Don’t drink that dairy stuff.

-Cinnamon, dash of. Cinnamon gives this earthy touch to the breakfast and blends well with the sultanas.

I’m not a fan of coffee first thing in the morning. I think of it more as a morning tea thing. I’ve already given my speal on coffee in a previous blog, basically it needs to be black as hell and as strong as death. Tea is for elevenses, between morning tea and lunch. So breakfast is usually accompanied by a ‘cilo’ or occasionally tea. ‘Cilo’ is my word for milo with some coffee in it. Some people call this a ‘mocha’ but I don’t because mocha is something else. I went with ‘cilo’ because I couldn’t say ‘moffee’ without laughing.

A cilo consists of:

-A couple of spoons of milo. I was raised on milo. It is the stuff of legend. Although I’ve gone without it for most of my time in Perth I have indulged on occasion. Recently I invested in a tin as the luxury item for the week. One of the better decisions I’d made that week.

-A teaspoon of instant coffee. Now I know you’re all going, ‘instant!? Yuck!’ Instant is fine and easy for something like this, or used as flavour in an iced coffee or a cake perhaps. Maybe some biscuits. I think I’ll do a whole blog on biscuits soon as I’ve just decided that there is nothing I like better than some sort of delicious biscuit.

-Tad bit of nutmeg and a sprinkle of cinnamon. The spices are optional. I mostly put them in because I figure I have to use them before I move out in a couple of months or whenever. Nutmeg is a good one. Kind of a muddy, savoury, milkiness too it but still a bit of zest. Too much and it’ll wreck everything. When I think nutmeg I think of myself sitting on a tropical beach with a coconut in either hand held up in front of me. I’m looking at one, then to the other, then back to the first one and so on. At some point I might crack one open and drink whatever’s inside, I might not, who knows?

Usually I have a glass of watered-down juice before I crack into the cinnamon breakfast. At the moment I’m going the cranberry and it is sublime.


Sorry Skip, but you’re a tasty, economical, environmentally friendly, virtually fat-free, naturally high in protein source of meat for me. I love a kangaroo steak or two. BBQ marinade. Usually had with ‘taters and vege like in this photo or sometimes the ‘taters are mashed. ‘Roo meat is ‘tough as buggery’ if you overcook it so try to keep it on the rare side.


Another option for dinner I usually go is a curry. I love bunging it in my slow cooker and having it simmer all day until the meat is as tender as Jon’s sax playing and the flavours are as colourful as Robin’s cursing. This one was a Beef Rengang with a paratha that went down an absolute treat.

Curry with a twist

Food dye is super fun. Put a few drops in the water when you boil your rice and you’ll have coloured rice. Tastes the same. The curry is Rogan Josh and although it looks like a poo in this photo it is quite nice. So is the rice. Nice rice. The meat is usually kangaroo. The green bits are spinach. I try to work veges in when I can. If I forget to buy spinach I just dissolve some vitamin tablets into it.


Fish is yum. Usually had with ‘taters and veges, sometimes just ‘taters. You never know. This bit of fish was some spanish mackerel. Sometimes I have salmon or barramundi. I wrap it up in foil with some lemon juice and mixed herbs and cook it in the fry pan. Easy to clean the fry pan and a healthy way to cook the fish. It should be done on a barbeque but I don’t have one. I wish I did because then I’d grill everything on it. Yum. Grill. If you’ve got a lot of skin on the fish then you can also cook it in the oven. If you have a cutlet like this one then there’s not a lot of skin so it’s not worth it, but if you get a portion or a fillet or something you might have a good side of skin. Then I rub salt and mixed herbs into the skin side and plug it in the oven for a little while. Just when it’s cooked through and falls apart. Never overcook fish. Once it’s done just put that skin side on the fry pan for a few seconds to crisp it up even more, then serve. Fish is had with cold pub squash straight from the bottle.

I had some stuff on Tortellini and Stir-Fry here but I deleted it due to having nothing of substance to say and blog length.

Fruit Loops

Boxing day (more commonly known as St. Stephen’s day) is brunch. I usually kick it off with a bowl of fruit loops. All the colours of the rainbow in one fun bowl. I can tell it’s at home because of the nice china bowl and the lovely marble benchtop. When the sugar rush leaves my body and I stop sweating, I hit up some scrambled eggs and bacon… Which I don’t have a picture of… This St. Stephen’s day I’m going to document the whole process and I’ll get back to you.

Iced Cream!

Ice Cream from Wallington mini-golf. Monster waffle cone with two monster scoops of icecream for some quite reasonable price. Still the diamond in the rough as far as ice cream shops go. The flavour on top was english toffee and the one on the bottom is the classic mint chop-chip. You have to be careful when you get one of these ice creams as they are a meal. 3pm is good but if you have one at 5pm you won’t recover by dinner and your mother will scold you and you won’t get dessert. Which is more ice cream. So on second thoughts, go for your life.

Speaking of ice creams, what flavour ice cream did you always (or pretty much always) get as a kid? I think your flavour says a lot about you. I was always a chocolate boy. Got the chocolatiest one I could find. As I grew up and found my palette could tolerate anything with less than 50% sugar content I experimented with some wilder flavours. Not to say icecream isn’t sweet, just saying I was broadening my horizons. These days I’m still a chocolate boy at heart but occasionally I’ll lash out with some licorice flavour or even apple pie flavour if I’m in the mood. Although with age I find I’m warming to the austere charm of vanilla or perhaps english toffee. I think Dad was a chocolate boy too. Brother Laus was a mint chop-chip boy. Am I right, Laus? Mum got vanilla, much to my dismay. ‘Something more exotic, perhaps?’ I remember saying as a disillusioned child. Actually I doubt I used those words but something along those lines. Vanilla is about as classic as you can get. It just screams of some 50’s commercial where there are two 50s girls sitting on the roof of a 50s car at the beach eating vanilla cones with a couple of bottles of glass cokes by their sides. Favourite sister Angela was a strawberry girl but was never a rainbow girl. Are there any rainbow girls out there? You know those rainbow girls that are so happy with their colourful cone and they’re smiling away with rainbow icecream all over their faces? That is until the icecream falls off the cone and they start crying. That’d never happen at Wallington mini-golf as the icecream is firmly wedged down in the base of the cone.

While we’re on the topic I’d like to give a shout-out to the friendly, larger-than-life ice-cream man that Mel and I saw at an ice creamery. There were some people browsing the flavours, careful not to make any rash decisions and he stood there and said in his best shop-keeper voice, ‘can I help anyone?’ The warmth in his tone melted my heart and the way he said it with that sincere, genuine smile just made me want to run over there and give the big teddy bear a hug. It seemed like he could help you with anything. Maths homework, riddles, tying your shoes, what to invest in with the global economic crisis hanging over our heads, etc. I love you ice-cream man. That is all. Goodbye.


~ by Hooly on October 21, 2008.

16 Responses to “Ambrosia”

  1. You should link the pictures to larger pictures in a new window, like I do.

  2. I think Vivien was a rainbow girl. Although I can’t remember her ice cream ever falling from the cone.

  3. It was FRENCH vanilla but now I’m a boysenberry girl. However the best I’ve ever had was champagne gelati in Tuscany!!!!

  4. …and how about that Indonesian man last night?!
    I think he deserves a blog entry now.

    I’m a rainbow girl at heart. Wendy’s rainbow ice cream always was my favourite. I used to get it after school as a kid. (No wonder I was a fatty!) I still buy it from time to time. Except, I don’t put it in a cone because otherwise that’d be too much sugar in one go for me.

    Even pralines and cream made me feel a little sickly last night. 😦

  5. Blobs: I’ve answered your statement in my recital poster blog. More importantly, what icecream did you get?

    Jaqui: Yay! I can see Viv as a rainbow girl. What were you? I’m thinking strawberry…

    Mum: Yes I remember now! FRENCH vanilla. Champagne gelati sounds delish.

    Mel: More rainbow girls! I knew there were some out there. Wendy’s icecream was great. I remember always getting an ‘Agro’ cone at Wendys after shopping with Mum at Bay City Plaza. As for Indonesian man, I don’t think I know enough about him for a blog. Although I will research his Myspace.

  6. Another stellar blog, Julian! I am curious to try kangaroo meat, it looks good in the photo anyway.

    When I was a kid, my favorite ice cream was bubble gum flavour! It was pink and it had little square bits of gum wedged into the ice cream. I used to always set them aside on my paper napkin, and then when I was finished with the ice cream, I’d stuff all of the gum in my mouth and chew it. It was always like a second glorious treat – only one that lasted a fair bit longer than the ice cream. Even though the gum was crap – it was the kind that, if you blew a bubble, it would stick to your face and not peel off like the good kind – it was still super fun to chew. Actually, the last time I chewed that gum I blew a huge bubble and it exploded on the lens of my glasses and I had to soak them in hot water to get it off. Haa ha! Sadly that was only a year or two ago, would’ve been a cuter anecdote if I was say, four or five, but anyway. I too, love curry.

    The end.

  7. Hi Sheri! Kangaroo is lovely. I think it’s supposed to be similar to venison in both taste and healthiness. We don’t really get venison over here, but we got a million roos.

    Bubblegum flavour is pretty super. My sister used to get that sometimes, except it never had little bits of gum in it.

  8. Say whaa?? No gum?! That was the best part, saving the gum and chewing a huge wad of it at the end.

    Hmm… I’ve forgotten how to post pictures in a comment, so I’ll just have to post the link to the picture. This is bubble gum ice cream as I remember it:

    Good times. As for venison, that’s pretty hardcore as far as meat goes. I’m not a huge fun, but yeah, once every six months or so I get in a carnivorous mood and I crave it. Nice and rare, too. Yum.

  9. Little bits of gum? They’re huge wads of it! You’d have to save them or you’d choke on it.

    Do you eat moose? Is that allowed? We eat our national emblem(s)… What’s moose taste like?

  10. It’s really salty… and has that strong game-y taste to it. It is really good in stews with lots of hearty vegetables. I actually helped to cook moose nose once. We layered the meat in a loaf pan and baked it with onions, garlic and pickling spices, but I couldn’t muster up the nerve to actually eat it. I’m not that adventurous.

  11. Such a thorough blog hooly. You continue to amaze me with your food critic. Have you ever thought of that as a side job to music? You should.. you’d be good at it.

    First I want to say I loved this quote.. “A couple of spoons of milo. I was raised on milo. It is the stuff of legend.” Yes legends.. I couldn’t have said it better.. Being raised on milo = legend status. Take not everyone. That is the secret ingredient.

    Also as I Was reading your bit about ice-creams and you put the question out there of what was your favourite ice-cream flavour as a kid, i stopped and thought hmmm.. yes i think it was peppermint choc-chip.. yes it was definitely.. then i kept on reading and lo and behold you mentioned, “Brother Laus was a mint chop-chip boy.” haha. spot on hooly. Although today i do like variety. Its funny as kids when you find something good you always have that no matter what. You won’t budge.

    My wendys ice-cream was “agro” too hooly. Only coz you got lollies on your ice-cream. i thought that was sick.

    that is all.

  12. I skipped the icecream stuff because I’ve stopped eating anything fairly unhealthy (Yet I still drink like a fish so don’t ask why), but mostly because I’m running out of time today. I’ll have to read it another time.

    I like the look of your cooking. I’m going to rely on you to teach me next year. I’ve got a few good recipes so I’ll return the favour. I liked the black books quote. I’ve heaps more to say and I’ve wasted all my time explaining that I don’t have much time. Poo. I’ll do another comment later.


    I think food is the best invention made yet.

  13. Don’t worry Jon, reading about icecream won’t make you fat. Read that section though, because it is the best.

  14. Rainbow and Bubble-gum, ALWAYS. From The Great Australian Ice Creamery, too. Oddly enough, my sister went in there the other day (this is Katie, the same Katie who people time and time again refer to me as because of the resemblance, much to my annoyance) and the owners said “We haven’t seen you in YEARS! … Suzy, yeah?” That makes a total of Suzy = 2, Katie = 4,328.

    As a side, I love your blogs, Jules. They’re always such great reads. I love the detail, the prose, the grammar, the content. You’re a most entertaining writer. Hope to read more from you soon but if I don’t, I’ll just re-read old ones, such as like I’m doing right now 🙂

  15. Oh, and before I forget … please write your blog on biscuits. So many thoughts on biscuits. I’ll just add my one for now. “Nice” biscuits. They’re not called “Great” or “Brilliant” nor “Rubbish” or “Crap”. Just “Nice”. They have so much humility and grace. What a perfect name for such a nice biscuit. Where do Monte Carlo’s get off?

  16. “Nice” biscuits were named after the French City Nice. They’re not meaning like what I wanted them to mean at all.


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