Bastards and microwaves

Here’s a bit of a random blog. I would’ve written this earlier but someone stole my memory stick. It had some pictures and blog ideas on it. I had forgotten it in a machine in a computer lab at uni, which I normally don’t do. Someone thieved it. Who thieves things like that? It’s worth about $10. It was only a 1GB one. It’s far more valuable to the person who lost it because they have their things on it? What if it had important work on it? It didn’t because I’m smart enough to back that stuff up. It didn’t really have anything too personal on it but they could’ve easily found out who’s it was if they had’ve opened a word document. I had an essay on it. Name clearly marked at the top 😦 I had already handed it in but I’m still sad 😦 They could’ve also looked at a photo on it (I’d put some on to print out at those photo places) and seen it and gone ‘oh, it’s Julian’s/that guy’s’. Bastard(s)…

I bet it’s the same kind of person that cooks a roast in the microwave. You know how some microwaves have a roast setting on them? That’s mental. I remember our old microwave used to have cooking times for different things on it. It had times for roasts on it. An hour and a half for roast chicken or something like that. That would be one foul roast (pun intended). No-one cooks roasts in microwaves except for mental people. Yuck. Nobody can convince me otherwise. Our new microwave could do an OK roast (by ‘our’ I mean family at home in Clifton Springs). That’s because it’s a normal oven as well if you want it to be. But then you might as well use the real oven. Speaking of microwaves here are some cool ones.

Combination microwave/toaster:

Combination microwave/pizza oven:

A real pizza oven would be better. Mum, do you think I could convert the barbeque to a pizza oven? And if you think it’s within my powers would you allow me to do so?

On the trip back to Perth at the start of this year Dad and I drove to Adelaide where we put my car on the train to take over to Perth with me. On the way we celebrated this event:

Yeah that’s all I got at the moment. I have some more food pics so I might do another food blog soon. Or just put up some cool photos that I have taken. I thought that might be boring for the people that read this blog but then I realised it’s my blog so I can do what I like. And nobody reads it anyway.


~ by Hooly on July 2, 2008.

27 Responses to “Bastards and microwaves”

  1. Well Jules there’s enough bricks out the back where you could buil a cool outdoor oven a la Jamie Oliver seeing you’re at a bit of a loose end. Leave the barbie – it’s one of the few times Dad actually cooks!!!
    See link for instructions to make

  2. Done!

  3. I agree w/ you, re microwaves. Their only purpose should be to pop corn and heat up stuff. The end.

  4. Stuff already cooked, that is.

  5. Indeed.

  6. i read your blogs.. they provide much enjoyment and laughter for myself.

    “yeh mental man” – Brick (Anchorman).

  7. i read your blog, even when i’m too sick to think, like now


  8. My Grandpa has long stood by the fact that microwaves cause cancer. His old friend has throat cancer, and Grandpa is convinced that it’s a result of him boiling hot water in the microwave so he can make his coffee.

    He failed to mention to me that the old man is also a heavy smoker, and has been for the past 30 years. Lolz.

    I like the ticking over of the odo. I almost cried on the day when mine switched onto 200,000 kms. It was a beautiful moment. πŸ™‚

  9. Hooly boy, I miss your blogs. Any chance you’re planning on writing another any time soon?

  10. Yeah I’m thinking about it. I have ideas but they might offend some people and other ideas that would offen others so I’m not sure. I’ll probably do a good vanilla post sometime soon. My blog has been blocked on the uni computers for awhile so i haven’t been able to access it but it just got unblocked today.

  11. It’s been unblocked?!

    Hooray! πŸ˜€

  12. Yes it has! Rejoice with me, brothers and sisters!

  13. The purpose of a blog is to share your personal thoughts and ideas, I don’t think you should worry about whether or not people will disagree or find it offensive. So long as you aren’t into any sick fetishes, like wearing diapers or killing puppies, I think you should just put it out there. Besides, you can always delete it if you regret it later. Just a thought.

  14. Yeah but I worry a lot about things I shouldn’t. Can I have some more examples of sick fetishes? Just to rule out any blog ideas I had in mind…

  15. What if, hypothetically, I wanted to write a blog about how much I dislike John-Paul? I’m just sharing my thoughts and ideas and if certain others find it offensice then big deal?

  16. Well I’d say doing it with dead people should probably be considered ‘off-limits’. And by “doing it” I mean driving them around in cars and dancing w/ their corpses, like in “Weekend at Bernie’s”. Hmm… you’re probably too young for that reference, but anyway…

    Other than that, and of course, any negative commentary on the brilliant TV sitcom “Suddenly Susan”, I’d say you’re pretty much good to go.

    PS: Who is this “John-Paul” character you speak of?

  17. I know, I know… I should’ve just assumed “Suddenly Susan” was off-limits. My apologies.

  18. Me?? What’s not to like? Hmm …

    Okay, I’ve narrowed it down to the following possibilities:

    1) I made you to listen to that Yak-Cup-Cop song for three hours in a row.
    2) I neglected to beat up that bikie when he threatened us.
    3) I bad-mouthed Kardinia Park that ONE time …
    4) This is the first time I’ve visited your blog in several months.

    Or maybe it’s a combination of the above …

    Or perhaps it’s that you’re just jealous that I’ve got the second-highest score on all of Facebook for Turkey Bowl on the ‘Hard’ difficulty level.


  19. Come on Jules another one of your witty insightful blog writings please….

  20. I dunno Sheri, they all sound like smashing ideas to me.

    It was hypothetical JP. I love you more than you know. The only reason I have to dislike you is that your narrow list of possibilities made me lol in the uni computer lab. ‘Displays of emotion are strictly prohibited in the megalabs’. I received a stern glance for my breach of protocol. A stern glance!

    Well Mum, I’d like to but I just don’t see the point…

  21. Hello Julian.


  22. Hi Jon… ?

  23. πŸ˜€

  24. You’re mad…

  25. Hi Hooly. I’ll see you tonight at home. I’ve left my dishes soaking in the sink and shall finish them at about 4pm tonight. Miss you. xoxo

  26. Ha! I’ve already taken them out because I had to do some. Like every day when I do my dishes. Don’t be ‘too gay’.

  27. Still waiting on those dishes. It’s been two days since you started doing them and God knows how long they’ve been sitting there before that.

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