Free is good.

So I was waking though Uni when I saw this poster:

Except it was the right way up and imageshack keeps bloody rotating it. Anyway it’s just mindless advertising, the student offer isn’t even any different to the normal offer. Because my contract with 3 was running out soon and I was looking at new phones I took a second glance at the poster and noticed this:

Damn it’s on an angle again. Anyway I saw the number which I noticed was a normal number, not a 1900 thing or anthing so it wouldn’t cost me anything to enter. I thought I’d probably be he only one who entered so I sent off the SMS. A couple of weeks later I got a phone call saying I’d won. Yay! I gave them my address (they could have been anyone!) and they sent it off. A couple of weeks after that, I still hadn’t gotten it and I was getting a bit anxious. Sure enough though, one day this turned up:

All the stickers are on it because they got the address wrong. They tried to send it to 4A instead of 41A. So it spent a while travelling the neighbourhood. Anyway, I now have a new phone so that’s cool. My old one was stuffed. You had to really punch the keys or they wouldn’t respond and it lagged like a Microbee running Half Life 2.

It’s not an awesome phone features wise but it txts and calls and that’s what I use a phone for. It looks like it does on the poster. I’ve got the white one. That is the actual phone that they sent to me. It’s really small and light too. Of course it has Skype which is handy to call home for free. If any of yous are on Skype then it’s not much point adding me because I only log in when I call home but you could txt me and say, ‘login!’ and I would. My username is julianfoord


~ by Hooly on May 30, 2008.

4 Responses to “Free is good.”

  1. Yay for 3 and the Skype phone.

    I’ll be adding you to my contact list right….now.

    Stupid Skype…It says it couldn’t find any users with the username ‘julianfoord’.

    Oh well…

  2. That’s cool man. Real cool.

    …that’s it.

  3. that’s a bother mel, next time i see you i’ll add you instead.

  4. Wow, that really proves the theory (yes, one isolated instance incontrovertibly demonstrates the veracity of a theory) that there’s a lot of free stuff out there that’s up for grabs cos no-one bothers to apply for it. Phones, scholarships, you name it.

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