Well, here I am.

Sorry for not blogging in a while. Especially to you Adam. It’s a time-consuming process that I don’t really enjoy as much as I used to. When I started this blog it was during the summer holidays and I was bored and I could easily spend an hour knocking out a blog. The computer at home is always on and you just had to click the internet button and you’re away. To do one now I have to plan what I’m going to do, figure out what I need to do it (images, etc.) load them onto my thumb-drive, take it to uni because I don’t have access to the world wide web at home and do it all there and that’s just too tedious.

Anyway I’ve done exactly that.

Firstly I’d like to share this picture. It is taken from a chiropractic brochure on how it can help with attention-deficit disorders. I think this kid just wants to be a choral conductor. Maybe regular conductor but more so choral conductor. Performing Arvo Pärt’s ‘Te Deum’.

WAAPA this year is mostly better than last year. There is less crap subjects that waste your time and more time to focus on your instrument. With Jam#ie Oe#lers (I put the hashes in so people googling his name won’t find this blog) taking over the jazz department he’s changed quite a few things. I have him for one ensemble session a week and for improv. In improv (damn I hate that word but that’s what it’s called) we’re doing hard things like hemiolas (putting different rhythms over different time signatures) and some other harmonic stuff. But it’s all aiming towards making your phrases more interesting, especially with where you place the phrase within the bars. The harmonic stuff is getting away from playing ‘jazz’, beboppy scalic lines. In ensemble it’s mostly interaction stuff. Making it more organic, really following the soloist, getting away from the set changes, making it more free and modern. This is all great because that’s more what I want to do, but it’s hard 🙂

I’ve got a guy called Rus#sel Ho#lmes as my piano teacher this year, who I requested to have. He’s pretty good. Kinda the veteran jazz pianist here in Perth. A bit like the Doug of Perth but not quite as old and wise. Very similar though in that they’re both very casual and the lessons are like ‘you got any questions or anything specific to work on or should I show you something from my seemingly infinite bag of piano vocabulary.’

So it’s all going OK, just trying to practice a lot so I can put together a decent recital at the end of the year. I’m fairly confident in that already. I’ve written some tunes that I like, I’ll try to focus on original material in the recital. There’s other concepts and things that I’m confident with. I’m just working on piano stuff so I can execute things well and be confident in my playing too. If all else fails I’ll just do this:

I’d like to say that I’m very disappointed with these people. Jon. Suzy. Daniel85. You are leaving me again. Oh by the way I’m coming back to Clifton Springs on 23rd June at night, a few days before the three Judas’ betray me. I am leaving on the 19th July. I say Clifton Springs because my car will be in Perth and it’s a long walk to anywhere from there. Unless my good friend Matthew Kenneally will give me lifts (unless he’s abandoning me too). My favourite sister Angela has also offered the services of her vehicle when she doesn’t need it so that’s good of her.

I have seen some good music this year… Some bad music also but some good. I saw Chris Potter and friends, as well as the Bad Plus. Both were super. I recorded the Bad Plus one, it turned out OK. I’ll bring it down for you Bad Plus fans in Geelong.

I’d like to talk about the recent AFL best of the best match that happened last Saturday night. These three things cheered my heart:
1- James Sherry’s voice over the PA during the pre-match stuff.
2- Use of the ‘Jurassic Park’ theme song during the pre-match stuff.
3- One of the runners saying to Jonathan Brown, ‘Bomber wants you in the 50. You and Fev! Together!’ He was so excited. He was expecting a reaction like in primary school when you found out you and your best mate were going to be in the same grade next year. Brown gave him nothing.

That’s all for now. I had more but I’ll save it for a future blog. Nobody likes long blogs.


~ by Hooly on May 12, 2008.

10 Responses to “Well, here I am.”

  1. The 23rd of June, you say? That’s awesome! I have an exam on the 26th, so I won’t be leaving until that weekend. We should be able to catch up during that short crossover period.

    I drive past your house sometimes when I’m working, and I get the urge to just rock up and go ’round to the side door, head to the rumpus room and start playing Starcraft. Rex’d be like ‘hang on…’

  2. By the way, do the cops *ever* do anything on Jetty Rd? I fang down there at about 80 km/h all the time, and I’ve never been pinged.

  3. Ah, it’s good to hear your voice again.

    I saw your sister last night with Jack at Josh’s 21st. Twas a nice evening.

    See you in June then.

  4. Cool. I’ll gladly interrupt your study in order to see you again before I’m 30.

    And yes I’ve seen cops on rare occasions down Jetty rd. very rare, as in maybe twice and i used to drive down it four times a days for a few years. i think you’d be fairly safe but don’t quote me on that. the cops usually lurk real late at night as in midnight till 3am or so just lurking in streets like that and bayshore av. catching people speeding home real late at night because they think they’re right as rain. i’ve sailed past them doing the speed limit, thankfully, because i was lazy.

    good to hear josh’s 21st was a nice evening.

  5. That kid from the brochure is like Bandana Kid on steroids.

    Speaking of Cliffo, I still don’t know what the deal is with giving way when you hook into Bayshore from Jetty. I usually just close my eyes and hope for the best.

  6. yeah that’s a tough one. 95% of the time i’m the only one there though. The few times where there has been other cars approaching the same time i am, i just sit there and cross my arms, waitin for them to sort themselves out.

    My favourite, of course, is when people get mixed up turning into bayshore and end up driving up the wrong side of the road because there’s that massive divide and a huge bike lane. i love it when i’m driving down and there’s someone coming directly towards me, or they see the parked cars and realise somethings up. It’s the little things in life…

  7. Quality Jules. Always a quality read when you put feather to ink.. ink to paper.. I have laughed heartily throughout the blog and the comments that you have written and literally laughed out loud, i.e. lol.. don’t you hate it how people go lol but aren’t actually laughing out loud.. they’re more “loi” as in “laughing on inside”.. yeah..

    That chiropractic kid pic looks like he’s gonna burst out into a madman and do some serious damage.. maybe ninja kick a thing or two..

    The recital stuff sounds sweet as!! I laughed heartily over the piano on fire. Can I suggest you do the recital with the piano on fire! That would make it that much more extreme and intense! Maybe some fireworks going off in the background with you doing some david helfgott body rocking motions back and forth. What I think is particularly awesome about that piano on fire is the person still playing it without a worry in the world. I like the fireproof suit. You should do your recital wearing one of those too. 🙂

    oh and yeah i can imagine the runner would have been so excited to have Brown and Fev inside the 50m arc. Brown would’ve been like whatever buddy.. just let me do my thing.

    I know this is rather a long comment but there are so many things to mention. I also commend you Daniel on closing your eyes as you do a hook turn from jetty to bayshore. It’s rare as hens teeth that anyone is actually going all the way through. Most turn into jetty. Notice I say “most” a couple of times i have done the same thing and had to scream on the brakes to avoid a crash. I just clench my fist out the window and yell in frustration. Why would someone do that?! everyone knows that you can’t go straight and you MUST turn into jetty. Its an unwritten law.

    As Jules said.. “its the little things in life.” (Hooly 2008:n.p.).

  8. Hey Jules. I excitedly anticipate our 2 days cross over. I’m thinking of having a “goodbye” party for suz and I, which will give the entire gang an excuse to hang out. To be honest, I just thought of it then. But I will.

    You are right, nobody likes long blogs, yet I read yours thoroughly and quickly; They are awesome.

    I’m glad to hear everything is going well at WA#PA. 😛

    I am trying to introduce textural playing to our ensemble at the gordon, but the only one that really gets it is Ben C, and he already does it all the time so it doesn’t count.

    Oh, and I really did LOL when I saw the conductor child and also the firepiano player. I pictured you playing the firepiano and laughed heartily.

  9. Haha! That kid is definitely wanting to conduct the ‘Te Deum’. That is surely what he was doing when they took the photo. There’s almost no doubt.

  10. I have to say, I also heartily enjoyed the second last paragraph; the one about the football. ‘Jurassic Park’ is superb music to use at a game.

    At Bayern Munich vs. Vfl Bochum, they played music from ‘Gladiator’ and ‘Pirates of the Carribean’ in the pre-match. It was immense! 60,000 angry Germans in a stadium, with Hans Zimmer music playing. I was actually a little scared. It would have been scarier if they’d played the music from ‘Requiem for a Dream’, I suppose.

    Or music ‘Schindler’s List’. That might have gotten ugly.

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