Thigh Land Part 2

Mia reminded me of some things that happened in Thailand that I neglected to mention.

Firstly, there were these signs about advertising Floyd’s Brasserie. Floyd creeped Mia out a bit and I have to admit he is a bit freaky. I threatened to take her there on her birthday but we ended up going someplace else.

There were these cars driving aroud that had a platform on top. These sometimes just went around advertising random things but usually they had boxers on them and the cars drove about while the boxers smacked their gloves together. There was a tape that kept playing with some guy with a kind of Jamaican accent saying things like ‘Bangla Stadium. Tuesday Night. Thai Boxing.’ It was very amusing towards the end of the trip… Guess you had to be there.

You could get Cornetto type things really cheaply from 7 11’s and similar stores so we usually dropped in on the way back to the hotel and grabbed some. They melted a little bit even on the short walk back so we’d bung them in the freezer for a bit when we got back to harden them up.

Ummm, there was some really rude Indian lady in a restaurant we were at that was a good source of amusement. She was a bitch.

On the elephant trip thing on the way some little girl kept throwing up in the bus. Nice.

When we went to Phi Phi island there were some little shits from a ‘beachy’ suburb in Perth (Cottesloe = city beach, not really surfie kids) on the same boat as us. They were screaming annoying little high school kids that I wanted to slap. They thought they knew everything and they were always telling people how to do things. I hated them, but not as much as Mia.

Also, on the elephant tour there was a Japanese couple with us. The woman was taking photos of a dog that was lurking around a cafe that we stopped at on the way and I thought, ‘oh no, bloody Jap tourist taking photos of everything.’ It wasn’t till we were eating lunch and I overheard them say something that sounded strange. The guy was fiddling with the strap on his camera and he said ina  dead-set Aussie accent, ‘that’s what you get for buying something for twenty bucks.’ And they were both dinky-die. Bloody Oath…


~ by Hooly on December 27, 2007.

5 Responses to “Thigh Land Part 2”

  1. ‘you won’t get any sharks in these waters’ maybe a lemon shark if you’re lucky.’ i hate Australian tourists!!

  2. plus the only reason floyd is so creepy is because he has no eyes.

  3. haha my mum glanced at the computer on the way past and thought the picture of floyd was of you. you better not have a comb over when i come over.

  4. Hmmm… I didn’t think so at first, but on second glance, I agree with Mia… “No Eyes” Floyd is kind-of creepy.

    Sorry about your computer blowing up, dude. My blog should have a warning, ‘else one of the days, I’ll end up getting sued.

  5. Juuullllesss… when are you gonna post a new blog?

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