The Warrdarchi

Saw this sign on a bushwalk recently. All the others were like, ‘Sprelojucus Hulubuus – This little bush can be found throughout much of southern Australia, etc. etc…’ And then I came upon this:

Makes the old Drysdale Bunyip look like a timid kitten. I’m scared 😦


~ by Hooly on October 17, 2007.

8 Responses to “The Warrdarchi”

  1. Those fuckin’ Warrdarchi. Bloody pests, if you ask me. Nothing a good shotgun blow to the face can’t fix. And I’ll do it again.

  2. You should get a camera duty free on the way to Thaiville.

  3. I know a lot of things would make a great album cover… but the picture of that dude would be great*.

    *What is great?

  4. ha ha ha

  5. Don’t you start that shit again!

  6. Bushwalk???? The Warr..whatever..look cool. I vote to have them on next year’s Drysdale Bunyip Festival T-shirt..better than the wimpy Bunyip we have now that looks more like a forlorn dragon!

  7. If you ask me, seems like us Europeans did the locals a favour when we arrived. No one steals OUR Aboriginal babies in the night except us.

  8. Hear! Hear!

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