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So I was happily asleep in my room when the cleaners rocked up and cranked their industrial-strength vacuums. Instead of fighting amongst them for some benchspace to prepare breakfast or sneaking in for a shower I decided to hole up in my room for a bit, eating the only bit of food at hand (Cadbury Old Gold dark chocolate, I love a bit of chocolate in the morning) and browse the INTERnational NETwork of computers.

So I’m sitting in here in my PJ’s (although looking down I see I went to bed in my soccer shorts instead of the usual trouser bottoms?) after checking my emails and what not and I’ve decided to do a bit of a HAB (although this is lacking some crucial HAB features).

So it looks like the Cats are in GF. I won’t bore all you Victorians with what you already know and you Western Australians have already heard my two cents worth but I would like to share a couple of grand images with you and get a bit of blog participation going. What do you imagine Gary Senior is saying to Gary Junior? I always imaging something brutal or ridiculous. It also looks like Junior is trying to pat his head and rub his belly at the same time.

Senior: Rocca’s got a dodgy left knee, get a fist into it in a pack.

Junior: Yes, father.

Actually I would have prefered it to happen to that annoying Collingwood player with the shaggy hair. I hate him. ‘Look, I’m a surfy and a footballer!’ Get stuffed. You lost anyway.

Finally, I like to imagine this is after an opposition player just kicked the ball out of bounds on the full ((NES) out of bounds, on the full)


~ by Hooly on September 25, 2007.

7 Responses to “blog blog blog blah blah”

  1. And for all of you that weren’t blessed with a NES in your deprived childhood, you can play the game Julian was quoting right here…

  2. I like the typo ‘Cats are in GF’. They aren’t in the GF, they are in GF. Amusing.

  3. I’m going GF. Ed got me a ticket. That makes me happy. I will cheer so loud the ground will tremble, like at the start of the Warcraft III trailer with the crow. I will do you proud, Hooly.

  4. Yes well I will be at GF and it will be a glorious day! epic!
    I like to think Senior said something like this..

    Snr. – show em no mercy this saturday son.. smash em!

    Jnr. – yes dad.

  5. (I hope this HTML works, or I’ll look quite the fool)

    Snr. – Do you think I look like a Fraggle when I pull this face?

    Jnr. – Ummm, yeah…I guess.

  6. Hooly. A solid blog. Hahaha, “Out of bounds, on the full”. Then the extremely abrupt roar from the crowd.

  7. It’s funny how the sign says ‘No Stan’, but the guy in the bottom left corner (you can see about a quarter of his face) is clearly a Stan. He’s also an outlaw, is what he is.

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