Last day of the sell-out tour!!! Venues I did appear at included:

  • Club Foord (9 Central)
  • Geelong Cats vs Collingwood at the MCG
  • Wharf Shed Cafe, tucking into the chocolatiest slice of chocolate cake ever.
  • Heckling from the sideline of Der Hunds indoor soccer matches
  • Jetty Road Fish Shop
  • The Khan Curry Hut
  • Even a SCWAIFE (Scrabble, Civ, Wine And Indian Food Enthusiasts) meeting althought it was more of a C meeting, not all of them at once but that’s what SCWAIFE is all about: Not all of them at once. That’d be mental!

Some shows were cancelled. These included:

  • Portarlington Footy Club Matches
  • Surfside Waves Soccer Club Matches
  • Pizza Hut Belmont, having ‘The Works’

But there were some new shows:

  • Bennett’s Lane Jazz Club, seeing the Tim Stevens trio (my piano teacher last year)
  • The Op Shop circuit.
  • The Fairy Dell
  • Wallington Mini Golf eating mammoth iced creams for a reasonable price.
  • The Mex, Ocean Grove
  • Eastern Beach Promenade
  • Jon’s Honours recital (never a more splendid evening can I recall)
  • Yohosie gig
  • Church by the Bay Portarlington
  • Airey’s Inlet Lighthouse (strange things happen, when you’re going round the twist)
  • Other cool places

So that was fun. I caught up with a lot of yous but still didn’t get to see some of yous but that’s life, eh? Some of yous had the pleasure of meeting Mia, some of yous didn’t but that’s life, eh?

While I was here I went through some of my photo albums and I put some little Hooly photos up on my MySpace. Check em out here. I think you might need a MySpace account to view them though. If that is the case… then that is the case. Maybe I’ll put em up here when I get back or something.

One thing I will be looking forward to is getting away from this blasted weather:


Of course when I want to do a comparative analysis it turns foul but you can see it’s still well up. Most of this week it was sunny, low 20’s in Perth and below 10, cold, rainy roobish over here.

Sooo… I’ve started talking about the weather on my blog. My blog has been reduced to small talk. Beacuse of roobish like this I’ve thought about closing it down but I’ll keep it up and hopefully next semester I’ll have something to say. I’ll leave yous with a couple of happy snaps of my time in GeeeeeeeeeeeeeeLONG!!!!!!!

 Jon and Ed inspire fear in the opposition. I am simply cold.

The Bluff. I am a BANANA and I have a smarmy grin. Mia is mildy amused.


~ by Hooly on July 20, 2007.

13 Responses to “Bye”

  1. Wasn’t I on the other side??? I’m so confused. You definately sat next to Lumiere and he asked about your fearsome demeanour. You better start saving for september. Even if that means your watching on TV in this state…I’d rather that you’re in the vacinity of the GFC rather than have cash and be watching from WA. Know what I’m saying???

    Talk soon.


  2. i second ed’s comment.. i have already started queing for tickets to the Grand Final.. keeping the lid on it.. nah stuff it!! Enjoy the moment!

    Thinking of booking a restaurant.. THE ENTIRE RESTAURANT!!!! PARTY IT UP!!!!! haha..

  3. Julian, I didn’t want to have to tell you this, but, Mia sent me a message blackmailing me to subtley tell you to update your blog OR ELSE she’ll set fire to you. I don’t know her as well as you do and hence, can not call her bluff. So, you better update your blog, I guess.

  4. P.S. That last comment I sent might not be true.

  5. Julian, I didn’t want to have to tell you this, but if you do not update your blog, I shall set fire to geelong.

  6. Julian, I didn’t want to have to tell you this, but I shall torch the entire planet if you do not update your blog. Oh you know me well Suzy, bluffing I certainly wasn’t! Come on hools..there’s plenty of exciting stuff about Perth like ah…

  7. I cannot believe Total Soccer (The greatest game in the history of the universe. Period.) Did not get a mention!

    Was good to see you again champ.

  8. I can’t believe Suzy is telling me to update my blog! Hypocrite! And you can get stuffed Crommo. I can’t blog. I’ve got nothing to say anymore 😦

  9. This is the fifth time I have visited your blog and still no update in sight. I just thought I’d join in on the general protest for more blog. Take a photo of your shoes at least and put that as a new post. Anything! It feels like you’ve passed away and your bedroom has remained as you left it on that day you died.

  10. But I have nothing to blog about 😦

  11. Haven’t you noticed? Blogging isn’t about having anything to say. No one says anything in their blog. So stop whining and just blog! Blog! BLOG DAMN YOU!!!

  12. Jon is spot on.

  13. And I’m no hypocrite! I WOULD be if I were implying by the same token that my blog is worth reading, but it’s not. But yours is! Why aren’t you blogging?! MIA, PLEASE HURT JULIAN!!!

    I’m pretty sure violence solves everything.

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