‘allo chum!

Just finished my last exam so I’m hunched over my laptop in my room (wireless works in the village! Hurrah!) wrapped around a mug of hot tea (it’s cold, I’m going to die in Geelong) with some brie and water crackers in front of me.

Why haven’t I done a blog in ages? I’ve been busy with exam-type things over the past few weeks but that’s not really the reason. Basically I’ve had nothing new to say. I just do the same stuff all the time. I even thought about closing this blog down but thought I’d just leave it up.

I’ll be home soon anyway so all y’all can ask me stuff then if you have stuff to ask but you probably don’t. Mia’s coming too. I just booked her flight and cancelled her work for her. I might ask her later, just to be sure.

I’ll probably do a blog soon… I don’t want to make any promises but maybe next week about the place Tom and I have a kick. It’s mint. I would do it earlier but I can’t kick cos I mangled my leg somehow but I’ll be firing again soon.



~ by Hooly on June 20, 2007.

6 Responses to “‘allo chum!”

  1. I like your style Jules. That was a good blog! The number of words is no reflection of quality in the land of blogs. I’ll look forward to reading about your kicking spot. I’m assuming you kick a local vagrant or someone like that.

  2. i concur 😀

    bye crip

  3. Yeah. The place is Szoka’s (Shock-ah) head. He is a real live village idiot.

  4. It is very cold in Geelong. Tommorow is the shortest day and we’re getting average 13 degrees temp at the moment. Good luck!

  5. Julian is coming home. That is rad news. What is also rad news is that you are/were eating fancy cheeses – that always reminds me of Johnny Bravo.

  6. You’ll be in town for a little while won’t ya? Cos I’m going to South Australia for a bit of a road trip and won’t be back until Friday/ Saturday next week. So, don’t kill yourself on curries just yet, because I want in.

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