Roll up, Roll up to a grand show!

Come see Julian Foord perform his new live show at various venues around Geelong including Club Foord (9 Central), Irish Murphy’s, Geelong Cat’s matches and a host of other venues! See the show that has taken Perth by storm! Touring from 30/6 to 20/7! Tickets not selling fast… or at all!

‘This delightful young man will entertain you for hours. Fun for the whole family.’ – Perth Times

‘I cannot recall a more splendid evening’ – Entertainment Weekly

‘…as for Julian Foord’s performance in his latest tour, the audience were bemused by his mumbling, incoherant speech and intimidated by his foul language and bad temper.’ – The Postmaster Daily

OK enough of that… Well there’s more coming up. I haven’t been arsed writing a blog in donkey’s yonks and I’m still not arsed but I’ll try get one out. I have nothing to say so I’ll just bung up some photos of me. More self-glorification because let’s face it, a blog is really just self-indulgence.

I’ve spent most of last week working on a bloody essay on medieval music for classical history. If you were my computer screen looking out at me, most of the time you would either see this:

or this:


 I happen to find this image quite amusing. It redefines ‘cheese’ I think.

This is just disturbing. I think ‘Praying Mantis?’:

Here is the cover for the next album from Robin and I:

Well I pulled out all the big guns and they’re all gone and now I have to write. I had a pic of some food (lovely bit of fish on some risotto) but I copped some flack over the food content of this blog so y’all won’t see that.

I’ve had a special request to hear about how I’m going with my piano teacher so I’ll give that a burl.

It’s been much the same but last week he tested me on what I had to do and then he was like, ‘right! What now?’ Because he had exhausted his set program on what stuff to teach so I actually got to take charge of the lesson and ask him stuff on what I was struggling with. I actually got useful, practical advice that I took home and worked on so that felt alright. So that’s good I spose, eh?

I’ve had about enough of this so that’ll do for now. Have fun.


~ by Hooly on May 19, 2007.

32 Responses to “Roll up, Roll up to a grand show!”

  1. You in your room yet? I came over before and you weren’t there. I suppose you were in the Mega Labs writing this blog. I’ll come over and say hi. When are we gonna record some music for our album?

  2. thanks hooly for the update!
    what ticketing agency do we have to go through to book tickets for this show? I’m quite keen.. especially for some more mumbling and incoherent speech! ha……
    talk soon champ!

  3. Dude. Post more about food.
    But also tell us about you, because that is why we all come here…

  4. happy now blobs? i’m using my real name, now everyone can put 2 and 2 together. i hate that saying. only because i’m blonde and i suck at maths. anyway! i want to come watch your sell out shows ol hooly boy, i think you better edit the fun for the whole family bit, pretty sure you’re r rated. or at least take out the raunchy dancing segment.

  5. ‘Tickets not selling fast… or at all!’

    means that the tickets aren’t selling fast. They aren’t even being sold, ‘or at all’

  6. Julian wrote that last comment, signed in on my computer.

  7. it sounded like a hooly comment. it was the tone of voice.

  8. Your arrival back to our fair green hills will coincide with a game of scrabble and half a game of civ. Well, I hope so anyway.
    Can I make that photo of you in those sunnies a life sized poster? I want to put it up in my back room…

  9. Additional venues confirmed!!!

    -Wharf Shed Cafe, tucking into the chocolatiest slice of chocolate cake ever.

    -Heckling from the sideline of Der Hunds indoor soccer matches

    -SCWAIFE meetings (Scrabble, Civ, Wine And Indian Food Enthusiasts)

  10. sounds good hooly! looking forward to it. I have just realised right now that the night you arrive the next day i’m heading up to Sydney for a week for Hillsong.. ha.. what are the chances.. annoying.. oh well when i get back we shall have some grand adventures.. the foord brothers together again! ha.. look out!

  11. yeah Laus that would be right.

    More additional venues:

    -Heckling from the sideline of Surfside Waves soccer matches

    -Pizza Hut in Belmont, having ‘The Works’.

  12. Haha, SCWAIFE.

  13. Even more additional venues:
    -Drysdale Fish and Chip Shop
    -Hecking from the sidelines of Portarlington Footy Club matches

  14. aww i want to come just for pizza hut. can i, can i?

  15. I’ll bring you back some. I always liked the garlic bread for some reason. I will definitely eat till I munt, as per tradition.

  16. …and the red jelly squares, they were awesome. we have to do sizzler, but you have to be my ‘parental guidance’ so i get in as a 12 year old and pay half.

  17. yeah I’ll bring you back some jelly squares. You’re definitely short enough to be a 12 year old…

    One more additional venue:
    The Khan Curry Hut, tucking into multiple $5 lunch specials most lunchtimes.

  18. I like how SCWAIFE is its own venue.

    I was getting rather excited about your return as I thought it was tomorrow. But it turns out its another month away. That’s right isn’t it? Man, you got the tour dates lined up pretty early… Ah well, looks like I’ll have to wait another month.
    Goodbye my love.

  19. well you are tall enough to be a… yeah. i know you wrote the entertainment weekly review.. because you used the word splendid. you are mint 🙂

  20. Hey man. I’m going to cherry pick and tag along with some of those plans of yours. Also, matt canary showed me some of Adams music and it’s good. Just thought I’d comment. what are your arrival and departure dates for geelong?


  21. ‘Touring from 30/6 to 20/7’

    You’re welcome to attend any of my shows. That’s the plan. They’d be shit if it was just me performing at the Khan Curry Hut. Say hi to Matt Canary for me. He’s pretty much the only one I haven’t really spoken to since I left.

  22. I shall. Oh, right. You are “touring”.

  23. Hope to see a couple of your gigs Jules

  24. Hey Jez. I’m sure we’ll bump into each other at the Curry Hut but I might drop into APCO at 4am to take a bite of some pies then put them back and if you try charge me, say they were cold.

  25. http://err…hmm…stillhaventgottenroundtothat/

    That’s a fairly out there page Jeremy. I like your style.

  26. If you drop into APCO at 4am you’ll probably meet some Indian guy cause I don’t work there any more 😛 I work at Infinity Computer now. Yes, I actually have a day job now… err, hmm… So why am I typing this at 4am in the morning ? I am an idiot. *goes to bed*

  27. Is it just me? That page doesn’t go anywhere…

  28. Yeah it didn’t work for me either, I think it’s a broken link Jez. I’ll have to come into Infinity then and you can overcharge me for a portable hard drive or something. Good news about the day job though. APCO sucked.

  29. Look behind you a three headed monkey.

  30. Lemonhead: ‘Yeah. Like we’re going to fall for THAT one again.’

  31. are most of these random names on yours and robns blogs from wapa?

  32. dunno about Robin’s (prob same as me) but none are from WAAPA.

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