Cheers to Ed for pointing out this article for me. If you missed my previous post about John Jarratt’s performance in Wolf Creek then here it is

ACCLAIMED actor John Jarratt has been accused of threatening a former friend he wanted to evict from his property with a spooky line from his thriller film Wolf Creek.

The Seven Network’s Today Tonight program showed footage of Mr Jarratt’s northern NSW home daubed with graffiti of the word “winnah” – a term he used in the film playing a psycho outback murderer.

Mr Jarratt last night told the rival Nine Network’s A Current Affair program that he and his wife and two children moved out of the home six months ago and rented it cheaply to help a friend, Bridget Davis.

He said Ms Davis had been “like a daughter” and it was “horrendous” that she had made complaints of harassment against him.

Ms Davis has alleged the actor left a threatening answering machine message and wrote the “winnah” graffiti, and said his behaviour was “maniacal”.

Mr Jarratt said his behaviour was provoked by threats of physical violence toward his wife, but he denied swearing or using profanities.

“I was upset and it was in my voice but I just said, literally, what are you doing, get out of my house,” he told Nine.

Mr Jarratt said his tenants were supposed to look after his family’s animals in exchange for cheaper rent, but he had found two animals were dead, possessions strewn across the yard and unauthorised renovations.

The “winnah” phrase was a saying in his family long before the Wolf Creek character, he said.

“The phrase ‘the winner’ is a phrase that has been in my family for a long time. I put that in Wolf Creek. That wasn’t part of the script.”

Ms Davis told Seven that she had signed a five-year lease and Jarratt now wanted an extra $100 a week in rent or his property back.

The actor had also “intruded on our privacy” by continuing to use the home as a holiday house, she said.

“The actions and everything he’s doing is just that character he played,” she said. “It’s merging in real life and that’s really scary.

“It’s maniacal behaviour.”

Ms Davis said she had been granted an Apprehended Violence Order against Mr Jarratt in court today.

Mr Jarratt, whose previous television appearances include McLeod’s Daughters and Better Homes and Gardens, said he decided to set the record straight by speaking to Nine.

“She’s just upset the entire world,” he said.

Today Tonight has shown this thing that I’m some sort of evil monster and the whole of Australia saw it, I don’t deserve this.”

The battle is now set to continue in the tenancy tribunal.



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