More random photos and whingin’

Here’s a weird pic of me. I took it at close range so that’s why my eyes are a bit cross-eyed and it doesn’t quite look like me. It’s a bit of a dark pic but the point I’m trying to get across is my eyes. They fluctuate from yellowy-green to green to bluey-green. Are they freak or are they OK? You decide! If anyone remembers Tall Tyler at GHS, he was quite scared by my eyes. Called them animal eyes. This amused me.

Here’s one of those pics that only I would find amusing. I found a Central Road in Perth:

Yeah so I’m going pretty slow at the moment so had to warm up with a couple of easy photos. I’ll add some further things that I’ve been eating. One is soupy noodles:

Now I admit at first glance this looks a bit gross. To make it you just make two minute noodles but it works better with one of those Asiany type of ones. I go the Mi Goreng. You crack an egg into the bowl and whisk it up. After you cook your noodles you drain most of the water and then pour the noodles over the egg and kind of stir it through. Then you put all those unidentifiable flavoury things in that they give you. I also boiled some peas with the noodles just for good measure. To be had with a large glass of coke.

Last week I cooked up a big ol’ batch of Tortellini:


The little sausages you can see is some cabanossi. There’s also some salami in there. Of course a meal such as this is to be had with  a glass of red. Salad is nice but if you forgot to buy some just steal some from your housemates. It’s OK, they steal stuff from you, that’s why you hide some food in your room.

Here is a vid of Robin eating. He’s tuckin’ into some peas and corn and carrot or something. Just misc of those kind of vegies and some chicken (who ordered medium-rare?) and some apple juice but I didn’t really need to explain all that because he does it himself. No Sharifah action though.

I have just finished the last ‘Jazz in the Theatre’ concert which is a farsical event. I can’t be bothered describing it in much detail. It’s just a concert that has run from last Tuesday night to Saturday night. My ensemble is one of the groups that perform. That’s all well and good except I didn’t know anything. I just went off rumours and heresay. Found out two days before that this thing was on. Overheard when eavesdropping that there was some kind of soundcheck. Tom ran into my room and said there was a ‘top to tail’ on five minutes prior to its beginning. I know in uni you’re supposed to find things out for yourself (by that they mean you just have to ‘know’), but if they want me to play in their concert they should ask me and maybe tell me what time to be there and so on, just like any other gig. It wasn’t just me either, other people are in the same boat so don’t go thinking ‘oh bloody Julian is all over the place, has no idea’. Anyway that’s all over with now. There is this freaky corridor through the backstage section though. I took a bit of a vid of it. The worst part is at the start when it’s all white.

Here is a photo I took of the sun setting over Perth:

Dodgy camera phone. You can kind of imagine what it would have really looked like though. Quite cool. It was also taken out of a tall building which kind of adds to the depth but you can’t get that because it’s a poor camera. Carrie (I could say a friend but then people would say ‘who?’ and I say it doesn’t matter because you don’t know her but they want to know anyway and some Perth people would know her so yeah Carrie) lent me her old phone which has a 2.0 megapixel camera in it which could be a better option but I don’t want to learn a new phone. Just thought I’d share that with y’all.

Tom is playing at Jazz in the Theatre with the Latin ensemble. Because it’s Latin he was wearing a bright shirt and was genuinely stoked when he realised that his drink was the same colour as his shirt!


Sometimes I’ll have a short nap during the day depending on how much sleep I’ve had or if I’ve got nothing better to do:


The yellow can is some baby custard I had just downed.

I think that’s about all I have to complain about for the moment… Actually there’s a lot more stuff to complain about but that’s about all I’m gonna say for the moment. If I end it there then people will get a bad vibe so I’ll end it with this. I won something!

Congratulations – you have won a $20 phoneaway card in the prize draw.  Please come into the office to collect your card. Thank you again for taking the time to fill in the survey form.


Ann Copleston

Student Village Manager 

I’ll probably just try flog it to one of the internationals because I use my mobile for everything. Could probably get $30+ for it, they don’t know better. I should get at least $20 though. It’ll go like this:

Buyer: ‘How much did you pay for it?’

Me: ‘$20’

Buyer: ‘How much would you sell it to me for?’

Me: ‘$20, face value’

Buyer: ‘I’d just go out and buy a new one! It’s second-hand! Used goods! I’ll give you $10 for it.’

Me: ‘That is an insult. I would rather smash it up than give it to you for $10’


~ by Hooly on April 21, 2007.

18 Responses to “More random photos and whingin’”

  1. I don’t know why I read this blog. It’s basically a recap of everything you’ve told me during the week, yet it still amuses me. Nice work Hooly old boy.

  2. Gee you’re quick Robbo. First Prize! You might have missed the extra stuff I added about the phone card cos I added that a few minutes later.

  3. Hey, I don’t even live with you and I’m 3 hours ahead.

    You’ll be pleased to know that right know I’m practicing lines out of B&TB. I wish you could see the show Jules.

  4. You sure do talk alot about food! You should start a tv show!

  5. I liked the “extras” reference. And I like the way when i type “extras” it looks like the actual heading from the show because in the typing box its the same (or similar) font. But none of that is relevant because once it’s posted it doesn’t look like that at all…

    I like your blogs, Hooly. I believe it was I who showed you Mi Gorengs, was it not? Or at the very least, I showed you the technique of cracking an egg in the bowl prior to adding the noodles, did i not?

    I liked the Central Rd sign. “Central Rd.” reminds me of when I used to wag school and catch the bus to your house and ask the bus drivers to drop me off at Central rd, and they would. Warm fuzzy memories that make me smile. Now, to and from Matt’s or Steve’s, when I see “Central Rd.” I just feel sad. Paladins don’t cry, Paladins don’t cry…..

    I enjoy your whinging. You should do it more often on your blog.

    Also, I have recently been diagnosed with RSI and have to take an entire week off despite the fact I’m trying to prepare a 45 minute rectial, a 25 minute performance on radio, (you’ll get to hear me maybe), and a concerto with orchestra. That’s my little whinge.

  6. Choolian you missed the browny-green eyes. They are not animal like, they are zombie like. You thought I was going to give you a compliment there didn’t thought wrong 🙂
    Also stop eating the baby’s even more feral than baileys out of a shoe. You don’t hide food in your room, you hide chocolate, green tea/detergent and juice.
    I think I’ve paid you out enough for one day, see you tonight stooge.


  7. Ew. I know the egg would at least partially cook after contact with the hot noodles/boiling water, but that’s still gross. “Now that I’m grown I eat five dozen eggs, so I’m roughly the size of a barge!”

    Is Mi Goreng that brand where you get an insane number of condiments in each pack? Chilli sauce? Fried onions? Truly the instant noodle of kings!

  8. yes, it is oberts. And, the egg gets completely cooked through instantly, so it’s not gross. Well, the only way you can validly claim it is, is if you hate all eggs and any egg related dish. Which maybe you do.

  9. Both of those photos of Tom are tremendous. The second one perticularly. He has such a beautiful head.

  10. Oops. *Particularly.

  11. Glad to see you are eating well! A recommendation from an American we met here in Uganda – french toast with peanut butter, toasted tuna and mayo sandwiches. Can you believe we’ve had Indian take
    away here in Uganda? It only took 1 1/2 hours to cook! The sweet and sour fish was more like hot and spicy. Ugandan food is mainly
    matoke (green bananas cooked in banana leaves), rice, potatoes,
    greens (it looks a bit like spinach) and meat stew (we don’t dare ask what kind of meat. Just thought we’d let you know what we are
    eating. I don’t think the Foords are too fixated on food.

  12. It truly is the the world wide web.

  13. Yes Jon, you did introduce me to the world of soupy noodles, I apologize for not giving credit where credit’s due. I thought the same thing Oberts about the egg but once you try it you won’t turn back. And yes it is truly the world wide web.

    Ma and Pa, peanut butter on french toast is an insult but I could go some matoke anytime.

    Mia, I never thought you were going to compliment me. I thought you’d insult me because that’s all you do so it’s easy to pick. I thought you’d slag me off about the soupy noodles though and make a crack about weetbix, not the eyes. I guess I am a food-fixated-Foord.

  14. Awwww I’m sorry I’m so predictable. Did you realise you left that comment at 11:11? Well the soupy noodles don’t actually look that bad (shock,horror) it’s just weetbix and jam I can’t deal with. So when are you cooking me dinner then? And no you can’t put kangaroo or cream in it.

  15. How about blending up some nice kangaroo cream? Is that alright?

  16. Only if it has a side of fries and tomato sauce.

  17. is pizza with some tomato dipping sauce ok?

  18. yessss! there is nothing wrong with putting extra sauce on pizza, you should try it sometime then i can call you a dirty hypocrite.

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