We’ve had one, yes. What about second breakfast?

Due to the unexpected interest in what I eat for breakfast I will continue on with the theme.

Most days I will have this:


4 weetbix plus banana. Sometimes I will pour honey over it like in this photo but most times I won’t have the honey. Us Foords are known for burying our cereal under a thick layer of milo but I don’t really do that here in Perth. Dunno why. You might also notice the three litre bottle of juice which I drink straight from the container. Juice is a must. I am known for always having a spare few litres stocked in my room because if I run out of juice then the world will end. An optional extra in this photo is the coffee (Black- The way real men drink it).

Martin Joseph Duck has a meal of pancakes at least once a day. One particular day he made quite a glorious stack and I thought I’d just share this with y’all.

About once a week I’ll have ‘French Toast’ with Tom. In the Foord household this is called ‘Egg Bread’ (tell it how it is) and it is eaten with a generous dose of tomato sauce:

We just thought we’d throw in the extra eggy stuff and make some scrambledish eggs on the side. Notice the coffee. Black. Real men. I mostly only have coffee when Tom comes ’round. He drinks a lot of coffee. I mean a LOT. I’ll found out exactly how much and get back to ya.

Tom prefers the sweet as oppose to the savoury option in regards to egg bread. This meal has honey and cinnamon sugar on it.

The ultimate breaky is of course the Big Breaky. Mushrooms, sausages, nice crispy bacon. You know the ones I’m talking about.

Here is one from a cafe in Port Douglas. It has sausages and nice. crispy bacon but no mushies. Probably because this was Nick’s breaky and he’s not big on mushies. Lovely bit of tomato, some eggs on toast and a few hash browns thrown in for good measure. I think at this cafe if you get the Bigger big breakfast they don’t even bother trying to fit it all on a plate they just bung it all in the frypan and slap it down in front of you. Ambrosia.

While we’re talking about classic Foord family meals, one of the staples of my diet here in Perth is something known as noodle muck. It’s proper name is Taggliarini but when my sister was younger (age, Mum?) she just called it noodle muck (tell it how it is) and the name stuck like glue. Gluey glue.


It is basically shell pasta with bolognesey kind of mincey sauce and some corn and the like. Always served with a generous glass of a fine red wine, unless you’re a small child. You can grate cheese over it and lather it in tomato sauce if you’re so inclined. This photo was from when I made it back in good ol’ Lancaster, hence the amount of wood in the photo. It was a woody house.

That’s about it for now so I’ll leave you with another one of those looks from me which I found out doesn’t really annoy Mia, just creeps her out. Same diff.

This is a bit of a possessed kinda look. This works better when you can only see the whites of my eyes. I try not to use sound effects or it creeps me out more than her.


~ by Hooly on April 12, 2007.

22 Responses to “We’ve had one, yes. What about second breakfast?”

  1. Your blogs are coming along nicely. No HABs around this neck of the woods.

  2. Firstly I’d like to say I enjoy your writing style. Clear and confident, much like yourself.

    Secondly, this morning I had breaky in Melbs and it was possibly the best I’ve ever had. Not only was the meal superb, but the waitress, upon performing the standard “Are you guys right? Do you need anything?” line asked if we would like a dance. She then proceeded to bust out a cute little impromptu number. To top it off, she had a bald patch on her head where she had the Batman symbol tattooed. Classic.

    Thirdly, I swear by a good dose of hardcore techno music in the morning wherever possible.

    “I love the sound of techno in the morning!”
    Apocalypse Now

  3. I think I need glasses, cos I stared at that Lancaster photo for around 2 minutes trying to figure out if the plate was on the floor or not. Table. It was on the table.

    Good times at Lancaster. I remember when we used to scream at the TV when we Nintendied, and then it’d go all quiet and awkward cos Jeremy was asleep. I seriously thought he was like some abusive housemate who would beat you and Matt for the slightest thing.

    And I have never in my life considered that French toast could be a savoury dish. The thought of it is kind of making me dry retch right now. I need to go drink a bottle of maple syrup.

  4. Ah yes. That first breakfast you have there is the finest first breakfast, Hooly. Weet Bix/Vita Brits/Weet Biscuits, with Banana and Honey! I like to add rolled oats to my combo.

    “I don’t think he knows about second breakfast, Pip.”-Meriadoc Brandibuck, “Lord of the Rings; The Fellowship of the Ring”

  5. Marty’s pancakes win hands down. I’m with Tom on this one, tomato sauce can be put on anything but French toast. You gave me weird looks when I put extra sauce on pizza..lovely bit of pizza. “I try not to use sound effects”..sure thing.

  6. eggs are not a sweet dish. you don’t have sugar on fried eggs or scrambled eggs, you have salt or nothing. egg bread is just glorified scrambled eggs on toast. savoury, not sweet.

  7. Just you wait til you try balsamic vinegar on chocolate cake then your theory will be blown to bits.

  8. And before you yell at me and say it’s not an egg dish, it does have eggs in it.

  9. when eggs are used in cakes like that or pavlova, then they are no longer eggs. french toast is still very much eggs.

    i guess i’m still feeling a bit wrong about the savoury/sweet crossover after i ate the chicken in a biscuit thing with icing on top from abbey. that was wrong. i think i need some chocolate cake with vinegar to set me straight. i’ll walk down now.

  10. Just on the eggs not being sweet subject. In the People’s Republic of China (and no doubt the surrounding region) it is not uncommon to pour sugar granules on top of a simple dish of fried eggs. Sometimes this dish may become a little more complicated with the addition of some sliced tomato or mushroom or whatever. But the point is that of balance. Eggs – savoury. Sugar – Sweet. A different paradigm of culinary practise I guess.

  11. that last comment left by adam was both genius and profund.. BRILLIANT ADAM!!! haha..
    I LOVE BREAKFAST! i wish there was more time in the day to enjoy the necessities of having a great breakfast.
    Also that breakfast from port douglas..
    Firstly how do you have a pic of that in perth?
    Secondly isn’t it shown in the pic served in the frying pan on a plate?
    That was the big breakfast.. i made sure of it when i ordered it.. actually speaking of port douglas.. me and adam were thinking about going again in january.. you were serious weren’t you adam? i was.. 🙂 and why am i leaving comments here for adam when it is your blog jules? oh well.. CAT ATTACK!

  12. NICK: Firstly how do you have a pic of that in perth?

    JULIAN: I hacked into your computer.

    NICK: Secondly isn’t it shown in the pic served in the frying pan on a plate?

    JULIAN: Yes. Yes it is.

    Port Douglas does sound inviting come January…

  13. I am struggling to type this as I am on hold to Telstra on my mobile. *sighs* It’s been about 30 minutes now. Credit just getting sucked away.

    Anyway your breakfasts: Awesome. It fits my Paladin Lore description perfectly.

    French Toast: Savory, you fools. Sometimes, when I’m feeling very extravagant, I actually eat eggs and bacon etc. on French Toast. It’s great and very filling.

    Well done, Sir.

  14. Well, thankyou Nick. I’m glad I have a fan. And, I guess I was being serious about going to Port Douglas – but where would one stay? I’m not sure about just inviting ourselves up there and assuming that the Peck’s will happily provide a place for us to stay. Sorry Jules to be communicating to your brother on this your blog space thing. I will try to limit this happening again. Nice chatting to your good self the other day, by the way, even though I somehow made it awkward. But in my defence the reception was terrible and made a normal attempt at conversation quite difficult. Anyway, I reckon I will be around during mid-year holidays, if you’re still up for some hardcore Civ action.

  15. I also love the phrase ‘small child’. Opposed to the large children that are free to be alcoholics?

  16. They can handle their drink a bit better due to their larger weight. If a small child has a glass of wine with their noodle muck they’ll be off their face and munting everywhere in no time.

    I love how this has become such a passionate debate about savoury vs sweet french toast. I was expecting to get caned over the black vs white coffee seeing as pretty much everyone has white coffee.

  17. I hate coffee, almost as much as I hate zombie movies. I drove home scared someone was going to come running at my window at the traffic lights.

  18. Re: Civ in the middle holidays; Can I come too??? Please? I like Civ. I’ve never tried hardcore Civ. How does it taste? I bet it’s sweet as.

  19. It is sweet, Simon. Almost too sweet at times. Last time we played hardcore Civ I threw up in the middle of the night due to the sweetness, ask Adam. Muntage. Might have had more to do with eating a whole pack of mint slices, a whole pack of tim tams plus chocolate and also a lot of soft drink.

    You are more than welcome for civ. The more, the merrier.

  20. I think Paladin should be a strictly MALE title. That’s not to say women can’t have an honorable title to go by, a title that embues all the same noble qualities of Paladin – I just don’t think it should be Paladin.

    Besides Suzdogger2000, I don’t reckon you’re all that Paladin anyway and I don’t mean that in a bad way. I reckon you’re a bit of an Enchantress.

  21. I don’t know if your picture of weetbix acted subliminaly in my mind, but I just realised that in the past week I have had weetbix with banana and honey at least twice. And it wasn’t a conscious thing in which I thought…’ Ah that looks nice, I might try that.’ I just did. That is to say that your picture acted subliminaly in my mind and I wasn’t conscious of it due to its subliminal nature. I was made aware of it just now.
    Also, Jules I think you failed to mention the whiskey you consumed that Civ night. I understand if you delete this comment. You have a reputation is uphold.

  22. Yeah I didn’t mention the whisky (and the fresh Baileys we cracked open (but not drunk out of a shoe)) because people would think that was what pushed me over the edge, so I thought I’d just leave it out not to confuse matters because it wasn’t that. If it was I would have said. We didn’t have all that much alcohol (I wasn’t feeling drunk at all) and it was over quite a long period of time but seeing as you brought it up I’m gonna have to defend it now. Cheers. It was a different kind of illness too, more of a hot-flush-too-much-sugar kind of thing. The kind of thing I get when I munch on a piece of cake from the Wharf Shed.

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