Happy Easter

Just wishing everyone a merry Easter and a safe and happy… time. If you’re like me and you spent your easter hanging out with F-Grade celebrities and gorging on chocolate, then well done. I feel slightly ill from all the chocolate but you gotta live life.


~ by Hooly on April 8, 2007.

13 Responses to “Happy Easter”

  1. yeahhh i’m f-grade meat! this is a pretty f-grade comment to match.

  2. I like this picture much more than the one on Dan’s blog.

  3. You look like your about to turn, and destruct that bunny.


  5. i fucking love your jimjams. It very well could be a shirt. But with that smile you definately look 4 years old and in your jimjams.

  6. interesting shirt to say the least.. but hey nice bunny..
    we have some more chocolates for you when you return to home sweet home later in the year..

  7. see everyone digs the shirt! you are the new jazz fabio 🙂

  8. Just letting everyone know that it is, in fact, a shirt. I’ll take it back to Geelong with me and you can all witness it live.

  9. Hello!

    My name is Sep Kamvar, and I’m a digital artist and computer scientist based out of San Francisco. A few years ago my collaborator and I made a project called “We Feel Fine” (http://wefeelfine.org), which collects human feelings from the Internet. Basically, it searches blogs for occurrences of the phrase “i feel”, and when it finds an occurrence, it automatically adds the surrounding sentence to a database. The project has been running for more than three years, and collects around 20,000 new feelings per day, having collected around 13 million feelings in all.

    We are currently working on a book about We Feel Fine to by published by Simon and Schuster. In assembling the book we have searched through millions of feelings captured by We Feel Fine in hopes of selecting what we believe to be the most powerful. From statements that made us laugh to ones that made us cry, the most important criteria was that they simply made us feel. One of these selected statements and images was authored by you.
    The image can be viewed here:
    The statement reads: “I feel slightly ill from all the chocolate but you gotta live life”

    I am contacting you today to ask if you would allow us to include your image and statement in the book. It is a truly funny sentiment and one that we think would make such a positive addition to the project.
    Please let me know if you would be interested in participating by sending me an email at my address listed below. It would truly be our honor. If you decide you would prefer not to be included I thank you anyway and hope you will continue to express yourself as openly and beautifully as you did in this case.


    Sep Kamvar

  10. Sorry! I forgot to post the link: http://www.wefeelfine.org/data/images/2007/04/08/6IhH0MIVhCr+uVD8cCWT3Q_full.jpg

  11. If anyone cares I e-mailed this guy back and said he could use the picture and statement. Should be interesting 🙂

  12. Nice. I checked out the page. It’s pretty cool. Although I can’t find your pic.

    I feel sad jules. Sules.

  13. It’s the one in the link above my previous comment. Of me in the mambo/jimmy jam shirt with the easter bunny up to my face.

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