Freo Heave-Ho

So I thought my blog form was slipping a little. I wasn’t too bothered but when Suzy J starts blogging more than you, you know that it’s time to lift your game.

Nothing really springs to talk about so I’m just gonna stream some rubbish for a while and see what comes out.

I used to be quite a tomato fan but I find myself going off them. They’re just a bit weird I think. Onions on the either hand, I am developing quite a penchant for. I find myself having to cut up extra onion than I normally would because I love to eat it raw. Lovely bit of onion.

HABs normally rely heavily on youtube embeds but I don’t have anything to share and Tom’s shopping trolley form has been quite poor recently so I’ll chew through some photos.

I quite like this one. I was trying to get a good angry shot and this was probably the best of the bunch. It’s part of a developing repertoire of creepy looks that I’m working on to annoy Mia. Oh yeah, in case you’re wondering, ‘who?’ she’s my girlfriend (or whatever the devil it is kids are calling it these days). I swear she’s a real person. So it turns out I’m not gay. You can give me flak but just don’t tell any of my Geelong girlfriends because I’ll be back in July. Maybe creepy looks could be a regular feature of the blog seeing as Tom’s trying to steer clear of shopping trolleys and also me. Nah not so much me.

Back on to food I find myself either eating like a king or a peasant. Sometimes I don’t have time to cook anything or haven’t had time to shop so I just have toast or nothing but other times I’ll have a fine steak dinner:

I’m a firm believer in ‘Breakfast is the most important meal of the day’. Especially on Sundays when I might have scrambled eggs:

Or ‘banana pancakes a la Marty’ with some creative suggestions from yours truly:

As far as my piano teacher goes I’ve got him figured out I think. Once I found out that you didn’t have to memorise the transcriptions he gives you to learn I just go in and sightread it. Sometimes I wonder if he’s getting cluey because I’m watching the music the whole time, never my hands but he’s watching my hands so I don’t think he’s onto it. The first week where I spent all this time learning the stuff I got a 7/10. I got the same the next week after sightreading it. The next few weeks were a blur but the week before last I got a 6/10 and thought that I’d better actually look at next weeks one before the lesson. As it happens I didn’t but I got an 8/10. You guys might think this is bad but I found out from Sarah (piano player, 2nd year, better than me, learnt from Mike last year) that Mike’s marking system goes 6/10=fail 7/10=pass/good 8/10=great and that’s it so he should just make it out of 2 instead of 10. I might try to get lower than a 6 one week. Do you dare me? I shouldn’t really be too fussed by the whole marking system but I just find it all so intriguing. I’m just controlling the lessons more and being really direct about what we do and just interuppting him and/or stopping him if he’s going on about something I’ve done. You would not believe how ridiculously planned this guys practice schedule is. I might save that for another blog.

One day a bit ago I went to Fremantle (Freo) with Mia. It is basically Queenscliff on ‘roids (steroids). Just a big ol’ town with old school buildings and hippies everywhere. It’s pretty good. They have a Maccas on the beach there. I found that to be bizzare and went in there and told them so but they just told me to get stuffed.

Here’s that same shot of Perth I had in a previous blog but at night.

I think I’m HABed out so that’ll do for now.


~ by Hooly on April 1, 2007.

18 Responses to “Freo Heave-Ho”

  1. I should write a blog some day. Nice work with yours. I give it 2 kudos.

  2. 1. Apparently mia stands for missing in action according to your wikipedia link.
    2. You are gay.
    3. You keep mentioning Geelong girlfriends but you’ve forgotten the boyfriends.
    4. You are gay.

  3. Yeah Jules you’re a fair fag. A ‘girlfriend?’ That doesn’t sound too paladin. I think you should refer to her as a wench. She sounds pretty cool. I’ll go hunt down a boar for a celebratory feast in your honor.

  4. I agree, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Most days of the week don’t allow time for it but I always keep Sunday free for second breakfast. Do you have a second breakfast day, Fjord?

    P.S. Your symphony is coming along nicely.

  5. hey jules.. sorry i’ve been a bit slack in contacting you recently.. probably vice versa too hey..
    i would just like to say i give 2 kudos to ed’s comment.. whatever 2 kudos means.. everyone seems to be saying it?? i wouldn’t have any clue to what it means but anyway.. lets find a boar ed and have that celebratory feast in the name of hooly. 🙂
    thanks for the read.. love a good read written from yourself.. always keeps me amused.
    talk soon mate.

  6. Breakfast is overated, unless it is had for when it was originally intended to be had. That of course being around 2-3pm everyday.

  7. Man, I wanna nice table like that outside amongst the trees eating breakfast. That’s damn fine. Kinda like you when you’re all dolled up… damn fine. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. I think you should however give tomatoes a second chance. Sure, they need a little more care and affection than an onion, but really they are a fine specimen. Kinda like you when you’re all dolled up. A fine specimen.
    I’m going to stop now.

  8. Yes Adam, I do look smashing in a pair of heels. I’m OK with tomatoes again. I can’t stay mad at them for long, they’re too adorable. Lovely bit of tomato.

    Suzy, a second breakfast is something I don’t usually have. It’s always one breakfast but it can range from a simple bowl of cereal to one extravagant affair that lasts for hours but not at two different sittings.

    Nick, I haven’t been slack, just avoiding you. You’re the one who didn’t answer my call!

    Sam, not all of us are part-timers.

    Mia, mia does stand for missing in action and i don’t ‘keep’ mentioning geelong girlfriends i said it once and i don’t care if the geelong boyfriends find out.

    Ed, go to Jon’s site and read the Paladin lore already you knave.

  9. Hmm, you wrote the article on April the 1st. Is the girlfriend a joke?
    I am really interested in pictures 🙂

  10. hooly.. you called during the footy.. i couldn’t hear it over the roar from the crowd.. and from the annoying bulldog supporter shouting abuse at the geelong players where i don’t think once he actually supported his own players.. does he even know his players?? i was ready to turn around and clock him one!

    oh and i support your stance on breakfast being the most important meal of the day. Sammy obviously doesn’t appreciate the full value of having a big breakfast at the start of the day to get you going.. 🙂

    adam your a legend!

  11. I would say I’m a big fan of breakfast in that I’m fond of the typical fare associated with that repast, but I find it hard to eat in the morning. It just makes me feel sick.

    Who’s the guy in the brown t-shirt? At first I thought there were two Toms at the table. That sounds like a nursery rhyme. “Two Toms at table, two Toms at table. Which Tom is the true Tom and which Tom is the fable?”

  12. Nah I didn’t agree with most things there. I’d rather hear your thoughts on Paladins & Women.

  13. Nice rhyming too, Dan.

  14. No Jochen, you’re the joke.

  15. No he made me up.

  16. Dan is the biggest nerd, but he makes me laugh.

  17. I hate your guts, Murray. I’m naming a hobgoblin in my next all-night Dungeons & Dragons game after you, and I’m gonna give it the worst stats EVER, and there’s fuck all you can do about it, mortal.

  18. Martin and Tom look like two sitting ducks in that photo.

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