A Gem from the Oberts Monster

 Many an Oberts (Daniel85) gem often gets lost so I just thought I’d share this with the world.

I’ll probably give y’all a real blog sometime soon when I have motivation.


~ by Hooly on March 21, 2007.

15 Responses to “A Gem from the Oberts Monster”

  1. You are indeed a fine and noble Paladin.

  2. You should grow your hair long, like Vigo’s.

  3. LOL. I love it. He’s not really that noble though, in the pic, I mean.

  4. quit the downcast look hey.. 🙂
    surely being a paladin isn’t that bad?

  5. The ‘downcast look’ is because someone just insulted my honour and I’m 0.4 seconds away from putting my fist through his face.

  6. i know that kook well.

  7. Sorry I mean I know that LOOK well. Damn those typos!

  8. It’s OK Ma, don’t beat yourself up over it.

  9. Tolerance? Suurre. Put a bottle of water infront of you and see where that leads.

  10. get stuffed

  11. *wolf creek*

  12. That 2nd last comment doesn’t have Hooly’s picture. Imposter??

  13. Indeed, Robin, I suspect foul play. Amusing thing is, I didn’t realize that the comment was missing his pic because it’s such a Hooly boy thing to say at such a moment. Heh.

  14. no imposter. i was just using a different comp and couldn’t be bothered logging in. comment stands.

  15. Indeed. Then I am glad.

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