All Quiet On The Western Front

Yeah so really not much to report this week. Most of my life is school. Still adjusting to 2nd year somewhat and trying to chase up the stuff I’m meant to have and things I’m meant to know and it doesn’t help when lecturers contradict each other and then when I ask the head of music something he sets me straight but then I don’t believe him because what he tells me sounds so wrong it can’t be true. It’s not biggy, I’ll sort it out and keep making a nuisance of myself.

We had a spate of hot weather last week. I think that’s the correct term. But I got so used to 40 degree plus weather that I had to rug up well before entering the refigerator/library on Saturday to study. What a way to spend a day! But anyway I was doing stuff on Classical History. You could choose Jazz or Classical and like a fool I chose Classical. It’s just a lot more work to do and I’m a little bit behind in the reading and stuff cos I didn’t get the books straight away. It’s good though and I like singing along to the Gregorian chants but it’s a lot of work but then again I’ve got the time. It’ll be good to have a broader knowledge of music and not be a complete jazz-head like a few people I won’t mention 🙂

My piano teacher is still being an idiot. I went in there last week and said I didn’t do the transcription he gave me because I thought I’d get more out of doing one myself and I played him a Bill Evans transcription I did. He said it was good to do that but he wants me to do the ones he gives me for a number of crap reasons, one of them being sightreading. I have plenty of actual sightreading stuff that I do and the stuff he gives me is not hard to read, I’d just rather work my ears a bit and figure it out for myself. I’m just gonna get the recordings from now on and transcribe them instead of using his transcriptions. So anyway for this week I have to catch up on last week because he still wants something to assess me by (!). As for the pattern sequencing stuff I’m just gonna do it because I can see some benefits to it and I spose one of the things of having more maturity in going into the course is I know what to avoid with the pattern stuff. I’ll make sure it’s my patterns that I’m doing though cos that takes some sting out of it. I can’t help walking out of a lesson thinking, ‘what can men do against such reckless hate?’

Here’s a shout out to Doug if he’s reading. Any thoughts on learning pre-transcribed solos instead of transcribing them yourself? What about pattern-sequencing? I like the idea of playing things in all 12 keys, it’s just the lines he writes out for me are very bebop-cliched things. I could be wrong and you’re the master so I’ll accept anything you say.

A friend took me up to Kings Park today which is basically this park on top of a mountain well it’s more of a large hill that overlooks Perth. There was probably some good photo opportunities but I’m fed up with the dodginess of my camera phone. I won’t leave you completely without any visual aids, though (No Tom shopping trolley videos though I’m afraid). I happened to capture Robin in a moment. He was tuckin into some good old aussie meat pies and sausage rolls when his loud, annoying Indian housemate Sherefa says something to her friend in Indian (the video doesn’t truly capture how loud and random it was). She says everything an octave higher than where it should be and also very loud. This annoys Robin to no end.  You can see how Robin is genuinely put off his food for a bit. It has nothing to do with race, he just thinks there is something fundamentally wrong with her personality.


~ by Hooly on March 11, 2007.

11 Responses to “All Quiet On The Western Front”

  1. haha i don’t know why that video of robin is so funny, but it is. and i don’t even know the indian housemate! i hope she reads this. hey next time we’ll go to kings park in a shopping trolley and i’ll push you down that big hill.

  2. hey jules,
    the thought of you singing gregorian chants sounds appealing..
    and your teacher sounds like a tight you know what.. bring back Doug ey?! legend everbody.. legend! (did you like my brett and Craig impersonation?)
    oh and that response from robin is priceless.. it couldn’t capture his frustration any better.
    anyway love the updates jules!
    talk soon bro!

  3. I love that video of Robin. He didn’t know I was filming at all. It’s so genuine. The best bit is at the start where his eyes move. I lost it. you can hear me laughing a bit. it’s the silent kind of laughter where you can’t breathe though.

    The shopping trolley could be a goer. If I end up in a wheelchair that would be OK because I don’t need legs to play piano and I’m sure there’s a way around the pedal thing. There’s just the off chance that I might be KILLED. Try explaining that to Carl on Tuesday afternoon when he’s a man down for ensemblau.

  4. That is a such a good vid. I love knowing someone gets really p’oed by something and being around them when that something occurs.

  5. heh heh. Robin is SOO fucking peeved. Getting annoyed at housemates is a common occurance i’ve found. It’s quite amusing. I’ve learned to suppress the emotions, and then late at night, stab someone.
    Im sorry about your teacher hooly, it fucking sucks. I’ve got no idea, but i reckon that ignoring him would be a bad idea. He’s obviously sort of trying to “start from scratch” and “go back to the basics” when you dont need to at all. But, theres got to be someway you guys can work things out. Can you change teachers? Or would that make you even more of a pest than you already are, to an unacceptable degree? Also, who’s this friend??? eh? eh?

  6. sorry i meant “friend”? As in, the word should sort of be in italics.. but i forget the HTML or whatever. Keep up the blogging, its always a good read.

  7. i could change teachers. i’ve stuffed them all around so much that one thing more wouldn’t hurt but i’m gonna stick out the semester with ol Mikey. I’m figuring him out. I’ll explain further in the next blog.

    it’s good to know that you enjoy my blogs. I’d like to say the same about yours but i think they’re rather dull.

  8. …Oh, now I get why you told me on my blog that you don’t really think it is dull. Cool.

  9. Did i tell you that in my audition for honours, Tim Steven’s cracked a joke, but it was really edumacated and I didn’t get it, and he and the head of honours laughed and so, to fit in and seem intelligent, so did i. But it was way over my head. Quite funny at the time. I’ve just started writing my dissertation so i just thought of it and thought you might like to know.

  10. that’s very tim. he would have thought it just a normal joke though. i can’t believe how ridiculously articulate he is.

  11. Oh! Oh! I know Tim! That reminds me…he has one of my Family Guy DVD’s. I’ll be back.

    Ok I never left. But the guy is outrageously intelligent and as you say, Jules, “articulate”. Jon, I’m glad you laughed with them. I find that funny, and that’s important.

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