A Ghost at WAAPA?

Now I know sometimes I talk some absolute drivvle but I am speaking the truth here. Speaking of practice rooms hows this for weird. I was ambling over to waapa at about 8pm one night and there was some sax player walking ahead of me about 30 metres i followed him into waapa and he must have been looking for a room and he walked past the jazz studio and poked his head in but someone was already in there. he then kept walking past ensemble studio 1 but you could hear a piano player in there already. he looked through the spy hole on the door (all the rooms have those spy hole things like on your front doors) just to make sure. he then went over to ensemble studio 2 (which i had booked) and had a look through the spy glassy thing. he saw someone in then and was visibly exasperated and walked off, obviously annoyed that all the good rooms were taken and went off to one of the more cell-like practice rooms. I walked to the door to ensemble studio 2 ready to rightfully kick whoever else was in there out. i looked through the glass hole and saw some guy sitting down holding a tenor sax. Now you know if you look through those glass things it kind of distorts and bends the images a bit but I’m sure I saw a dude there and even thought it might have been Tom. i knocked on the door and there was no answer so i opened it and walked in and there was no one there. There wasn’t even anything that could have been mistaken for it. There was maybe only the drum kit which was at the side of the room, not the centre and that only had some silver cymbals which wouldn’t look like a golden tenor. Then several times when I was practicing I heard the door open (it was clearly the sound of that room’s door being opened, not another adjacent room) and I turned around and it wasn’t open. Frankly I don’t know why I stayed there. Probably because it’s a nice piano. Anyway so all of you WAAPA people stay the hell out of ES2 (room 1.210)


~ by Hooly on March 2, 2007.

11 Responses to “A Ghost at WAAPA?”

  1. Freaky gear.

  2. Cool

  3. hmmmmmm…. good story.

  4. That is freaking awesome. Now, your mission becomes clear. You must find-out this grizzly creature, confront it. You must, if necessary, purge ES2 of it’s presence for better or worse. Fight. Win. Prevail. This spawn of the netherworld must not remain free to disturb the thoughts and minds of other musicians.

    There has been a house alarm blaring a little down the street for the past 40 minutes.

  5. Yesterday my mum asked ‘How’s Julian going?” and I told her you’d seen a ghost. It seemed a satisfactory answer to her polite inquiry.

  6. Julian … Julian!

    It was ME!

  7. Un question. Did it look like the freaky-ass ghost from the ‘Skeleton On The Dunny’ episode of Round The Twist?

  8. Hwy Jules its me Jeremy, that was err… ghostly. Maybe if you see this dude again you should ask him if he wants to have a jam… or… not.

  9. Daniel it didn’t look like anything from Round the Twist and tell your Mum I said ‘hi!’ and please thank her for the rabbits.

    Jeremy if I see that ghost again I’m not jammin, I’m calling the Ghostbusters.

  10. I wouldn’t ask him to jam, it’s a sax player, and Jeremy nobody likes sax players. Asked around Hooly man, and they all told me I was mad, so nothing new there to report.

  11. Maybe it was a ghost…? I dunno, just a suggestion…

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