Sunny Perth

So some people are expecting a monster well-written blog about Perth but I’m afraid you’ll be disappointed. I’m sitting here in my room/cell fiddling with my laptop on the unis slow but free net but that’s life.

Anyway so last Thursday we ambled over to Tullamarine airport and I was loaded up. I had a huge suitcase, my sax and guitar as well as a hefty carry-on bag and laptop. I bumped into Robin at the airport who had even more stuff than me and we were both stressing out but somehow I got everything through without any extra baggage fares. I just had to remove 1.5 kg from my suitcase which equated to a music stand (I figure pianos have stands attached to them) and Stargate Season 6 (devastated). I smuggled my overweight carry-on bags onto the plane and away I went.

I was sitting next to some American guy who was about my age and was on ‘vacation’ with his family. The meal was Chicken Catchiatorri(sp?) pronounced ‘Catch ya door, eh?’ by the hick air stewardesses. They had these little bottles of red wine as well which were free so they were quite nice. I just listened to music, read a book and stared out the window on the way.

So anyway we landed in Perth which heralded the event of me having been in every state/territory of Australia. I was stoked but the passers-by and security staff weren’t as excited. Robin’s brother Andrew and his friend Johannes picked us up and dropped us off at the student village (cheers lads). Here are some dodgy pictures I took of the village and my room with my phone. It’s a pretty bad camera. I’ll be looking into getting a real one soonish.

My Room:



Our Unit:


Around the Student Village:


The next few days involved meeting people at the student village, exploring, playing, shopping and general loitering. The weather has been sunny and gets quite warm for a few hours during the middle of the day but is generally quite nice and the units stay fairly cool as well. We went to the beach on Sunday which was a good beach. One of those ones where you walk in the water for a few meters and the waters already up to your chest but the waves didn’t break until right at the sand and the water was really clear and cool so you could just float unto eternity.

We had our first day of Orientation today which was OK. Just a big meeting where they introduce all the staff then a smaller one with just the jazz students and contemporary students. They both dragged on for ages, probably because in the second one I was sitting on the floor with no room to change position. There was some workshops in the afternoon with some Americans who were down for some jazz festival in Bunbury and that was really good. There were some singers (one of them was Carmen Lundy, I forgot the others name) who talked about doing your own thing in music and their philosophy on jazz, etc.

Here is some more Perth shenanigans:

Well that’ll do for now. Hopefully there’ll be a few more o’ these.


~ by Hooly on February 12, 2007.

20 Responses to “Sunny Perth”

  1. Those are some serious Wii couches.

  2. Together we will go our way, together we will leave some day.
    Together your hand in my hand, together we will make the plans.
    Together we will fly so high, together tell our friends goodbye.
    Together we will start life new, together this is what we’ll do.
    Go west, life is peaceful there.
    Go west, lots of open air.
    Go west to begin life new.
    Go west, this is what we’ll do.
    Go west, sun in winter time.
    Go west, we will do just fine.
    Go west where the skies are blue .
    Go west, this and more we’ll do.
    Together we will love the beach, together we will learn and teach.
    Together change our pace of life, together we will work and strive.

    *missing text*

    The end.

  3. Good to see you’re settling in in standard no-fuss julian style.

  4. have to be stoked about the unit.. does alright ya reckon?
    small but meets your needs ey?
    i look forward to many a tale on your behalf hooly from your adventures in the west!

  5. Is anyone else having problems seeing the youtube video at the end?

  6. I think I fixed it now…

  7. Happy to see you are settled and your room is so neat!!!!What is meant to be in the space??

  8. Do Geelong play in Perth this you…you so have to go and stir up trouble!

  9. Since when has your mum been so web savvy?

  10. Wow, I must have been asleep when I wrote that last message or something. Still, $20 if you hit Josh Carr between the eyes with a rock.

  11. Jules, a solid write up, and a comforting one too. I’m glad you’re off to a fine start. Just be careful not to play “too many augmented 9ths.” Because we know what happens to people who do that. They get accused of copying Greg Waugh.

    Or me.

    And in regards to Jules injuring football players; Who wouldn’t pay to see Julian Ford vs. Quinten(sp.?) “Then Unit” Lynch? What a battle.

  12. hey julian, thanks for the update

  13. tyson on the web! such a novelty!

    the West Coast players knock about a bit around Perth so it won’t be any trouble to find one. Just keep a lid on it if you hear on the news of a masked madman introducing a rather large screwdriver to Chris Judd’s knee.

  14. I knew that screwdriver was a good idea. Credit where credit is due, Simon picked out the screwie.

  15. Yes. I did. There was something sinister about it. I knew it had a role to play…

  16. a toast to the screwdriver.. *chink*

  17. time for another blog update hooly, and ignore the fact that i’m a hypocrite.

    much love from the far lands to the west.


  18. Perth seems a hell of a lot more friendly than Melbourne. Boy howdy would a screw driver come in handy to all the rude pricks there! That’d show ’em whose boss! I must invest in one. Either that, or a barge. What are native Perthicans like anyway, Jules?

  19. They are inclined to be well-built, pleasant-mannered and laugh deep, fruity laughs.


    Couldn’t be bothered ‘typing’ a URL in a txt message, so check out the first song that plays on that MySpace page. New Jacko work.

    “I might even get a credit!”
    “Do you feel you have enough?”

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