Clifton Springs/Drysdale

Locals will vehemently claim that Clifton Springs and Drysdale are two separate towns. Foreigners will use both names interchangeably without any qualms. Many an argument ensued in Primary School about which one was better. The real deal is that C/Springs is close to the water and Drysy is more inland. If a local has a go at you over it, here’s some useful things to say:

  • Where’s the town border? Most people have no idea or will feed you some long-forgotten fable about some elusive border.
  • Why do they have the same postcode? This is watertight. 

There is a milk bar in the main strip of town that was always called Ansons. It was like that for ages then it was sold and was called Elliots and something else then Wilsons I dunno it’s just the newsagents now but everyone still calls it Ansons.

Here’s a couple of Drysdale sights:


Near this area is a little arcade that you can walk through which I think is awesome probably because I never go through there because Mum never let me when I was little and now I have no reason to frequent that area as an adult. You can tell when I get excited because I start to write really long sentences. I think there might still be a pet shop in this arcade and I know there is a dentist there that looks awesome but we stopped going there cos the good dentist left.

The supermarket used to be Tuckerbag and it was awesome and I still have a lighter from there and here it is:

I love how the ‘052’ is optional.

Now a lot of this is nostalgic to Drysy locals but will mean nothing to foreigners, so i’ve got a present for you.

Most people’s knowledge of this area is shaky at best so I’ve drawn up a little map of the important things in the area to show you what’s what. Steve lives in some weird new area that isn’t on any maps that I have so I actually drove off to uncharted lands and found bloody Gidgee Mews so yous better appreciate it. Click to enlarge

Click to Enlarge

Oh yeah I forgot to say that cops also lurk on the right side of Central Road where there aren’t many houses and it feels like you can go 100 and sometimes I do. Also, the turn off for Matt/Steve land is Dundundra.

SO does anyone have any cool Drysdale/Clifton Springs stories or can think of anything I left out? I’m sure there are some because I didn’t really think about it too much.


~ by Hooly on February 2, 2007.

12 Responses to “Clifton Springs/Drysdale”

  1. Drysdale is my safety point. Whenever I’m low on fuel, I know Drysdale is only 10 minutes away, and my good friend Mortimer tops me up. Apart from that, both Drysdale and Clifton Springs are a nuisance and a waste of time. Write a blog about St.Leonards. It’s more important.

  2. I would but I’ve only been to St. Leonards about five times in my life and four of those were when I went to your house. It doesn’t even have a petrol station. You know what would be cool? You know that big ol’ roundabout on Murradoc rd and from there you can turn off towards Pt. Lonsdale? And they used to have that old old old school petrol station in the middle of nowhere? If that was still going that would be cool because it’d be closer for you but it’d just be frickin’ awesome and I’d go there everyday to top up with fuel. It hink now they’ve turned the P into an R and dropped the L on the sign and now it’s kinda a cafe/old school store or something I dunno…

  3. As far as Drysdale and Clifton Springs are concerned, the only cool story I have is one night I was walking down CS road with my mate James and we saw the most insane meteor shower ever. The bastards were bright green against the night sky.

    I must say Jules, when I first saw the topic, I was like “the only reason I’m going to read this post and not skim the shit out of it is cause Jules is alright.” But I enjoyed it goodly. I just pictured you rambling without worrying about breathing properly and as I was reading I was popping in little breaths for good measure.

  4. The Drysdale Hotel reminds me of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Mostly because everything reminds me of TMNT, but also because I remember driving past there with my grandparents one day, and I had a TMNT showbag for some reason.

    Don’t really have any major Drysdale/CS stories, other than my grandparents used to run the Tattslotto outlet where the Tuckerbag is. Mum used to dump me there, and I’d sit in the back drawing pictures on Tattersalls letterhead paper, and sometimes grab a foccacia from that little bakery there. Once grandad let me count the money in the safe when he was closing up. It smelled like old people, because old people have nothing to live for except rigged games of chance.

  5. Thanks for reminding me of this btw…

  6. Well, back in the day there was a great divide between Drysdale and Clifton Springs. I’m talking a geographical divide, not some socio-political divide, although we haven’t mentioned perhaps the competing tennis clubs. That is probably how it works. The tennis clubs are the borders and everywhere in between is like no-mans land where citizens don’t know who they’re allegience is with. Either way it has slowly morphed into one. Just as the suburbs of a city usually have no distinct borders, so too the borders of Clifton Springs and Drysdale have become a little blury. It’s like a city with two suburbs. Only it doesn’t have any tall buildings, or a population large enough for it to be deemed a ‘city’.
    I have many a story about both towns. All which are fairly boring and inconsequential, but mostly involve the police in frivolous matters. Like being pulled up and questioned about standing on snails, or walking across the supermarket car park on a windy night and being questioned about a cardboard box that caught a gust of air.
    Oh, and Jules, you forgot to mention that the newsagency was also known as Williams for a time.

  7. I did mention that Adam, I jsut didn’t say that that was it’s name. Funnily enough I have some funny stories about police in drysdale. maybe i’ll do a police blog.

  8. Quite right. I re-read your blog again and you had made reference to it. Apologies.
    I will look forward to your blog on the police.

  9. You can embed audio in WordPress now, Jules, so make sure that your police blog entry contains Blacksmith’s breakthrough hit, “Fuck The Cops”.

  10. Friday night, Steve was writing his address on a piece of paper. He wrote ‘Drysdale’. He then said, “Hang on, wait a minute, I live in Clifton Springs.” I then said, “They’re both the same. Read Julian’s blog.”

  11. One night Adam and I were walking through the Safeway carpark. We were bored, and it was a rather blustery night.
    So we walked past a box, which we picked up and let it go in the wind, when Drysdale’s Finest pulled up. They questioned us about what we were doing late at night and such and such.
    Asking my address I told them it was just down the street, and then they asked Adam, who said “Uh, my real address is in China…”
    I reckon they thought he was a lying punk…
    It was funny because he was staying at our house while he was visiting, they took his address and I have never seen them again…

  12. So, my coolest story of drysdale/clifton springs was one time… no, actually two times… when i borrowed your swords with nick…. and then one time, maybe twice, labelled photos of this event as being taken in GEELONG when in fact they werent.

    where though??

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