John Jarratt’s psycho look

Good ol’ Johnny. Some of you may remember him from Play School. He was my favourite because he was funny. I think he used to be on Better Homes and Gardens also, before his wife divorced him. He played the part of easy-going Terry on Mcleod’s Daughters. Most recently he was in Wolf Creek where he gives a psycho look that is marvellous

I thought this was the coolest part of the film and I’m practicing that look.


~ by Hooly on January 18, 2007.

5 Responses to “John Jarratt’s psycho look”

  1. HAHA! That’s fully sick awesome wicked radical! Classic laugh he’s got. I’m pretty sure you gave me that look tonight at Botts, right before you smashed my head into the table.

  2. wow, thats awesome. Also, i didn’t know that it has the hottie from seachange in it. That’s great. So she gets fucked up then, right? wow. I have seen you give that look, and i have to say, you are getting quite good at it. I don’t know its psycho, but i guess it could be. Meh.

  3. hahahah. Now it all makes sense. Please learn how to laugh like that. I’m never watching Playschool again.

  4. […] Winnaaaaah! Cheers to Ed for pointing out this article for me. If you missed my previous post about John Jarratt’s performance in Wolf Creek then here it is […]

  5. Waow enjoyed reading this article. I submitted your rss to my reader!

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