Smashing a TV

I had a few ideas for my next blog but all of them would have caused fights with at least a few people so I renegued. Some of you might say, ‘stuff ’em Jules, do what you want!’ but I can’t be dealing with that right now so I thought I’d play it safe and do a blog about something everyone can enjoy and relate to, smashing a TV!

When Matt and I moved out of Newcomb, Jeremy had his old TV sitting outside for ages. Instead of simply throwing it in the trash pile, we decided to smash it good. Instead of using sledge hammers or other popular methods we opted to launch it into the corner of some wood thing.

Here’s Part 1:

Here’s Part 2:
Check out the siren that kicks in at about the 40 second mark. Just goes to show what kind of neighbourhood we were moving out of. Adds to the tone of the crappy front yard.

Apparently it’s actually kinda dangerous to smash TVs because there’s a vacuum inside them that implodes when you break it and glass explodes everywhere. You can kinda see that happening in these other vids:


~ by Hooly on January 13, 2007.

5 Responses to “Smashing a TV”

  1. See, this is what A Current Affair and Today Tonight are going on about. Bloody young hooligans showcasing their shenanigans on YouTube. Bring back conscription, I say.

  2. I was in an oppe shop today ‘avin a look around, and they had a massive old TV! Far bigger and older than yours! We were going to buy it but the old hag said they’re not allowed to sell electronics, and that they keep the TV there just in case one day they are allowed to sell it.

  3. You should have said, ‘I know you’re not allowed to sell it to us. But if we happened to leave some money on the counter here, just as a donation, would you stop us from walking out with this TV? Seeing as it’s not even for sale or anything.’

    While she is replying give her the John Jarratt look

  4. for some reason i have a compelling desire to smash a tv??

  5. lol @ “give her the John Jarratt look”

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