And the winner is…

The Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts.

Although I may have seemed quite biased towards this place I actually considered both of them a great deal, otherwise the decision would not have taken this long.

I’m putting more emphasis on a simpler life at WAAPA which will enable me to hopefully do a copious amount of practice. The contact-building and networking will probably¬†not be as good as at Monash but as Jon says, ‘if you’re a mofo it won’t matter.’

I’m aiming to head off on the 9th of Feb. I’ll be back for a few weeks in the middle of the year and also back for a couple of months over Summer so I won’t be a total stranger.


~ by Hooly on January 9, 2007.

11 Responses to “And the winner is…”

  1. Julian, you broke my heart. You got it, you took it and you broke my heart.

    Nah. Just mucking around. You’ll have a good time and get a lot of practice done and i’m sure become a mofo. You’d better not come back in winter sounding shit, though.

  2. That’s exactly what I was worried about Crommo! I reckon that’s why Ben Smith is all weird at jams and stuff because all y’all think just cos these people are doing hardcore jazz they’ll get up and cane it… So that’s why I’m not coming back this Winter. Nah I’ll come back, or it’ll just be accumalative expectancy. I won’t play in front of y’all tbough.

  3. yes you will. Or i’ll hide in the rumpus room and lurk and wait for you to practice. and then listen. Ben isn’t all weird, he’s just a woos. When he plays, its really good, in my opinion. Not to sound patronising. Anyway, so don’t be like him.

  4. Like I said, Der Hunds is doomed now! Hope it all goes well mate!

  5. Who will make Bender waffles the way he likes them now?!

  6. So much for my reverse psychology!

    I wasn’t having a go before, it’s just that thing with the net how things can sound harsh but they’re not really. No need to reply on my myspace either, I’ll check your blog.

  7. Well Jules, it is finished. I took you from tears to fucking glory, I don’t hate ya, you just broke my heart.

    It’s been fun.

  8. Good riddance.

  9. “a simpler life at WAAPA which will enable me to hopefully do a copious amount of practice.”

    Completely wrong there weren’t ya.

  10. No, I was completely correct. Except that ‘copious amout of practice’ is spent practicing stuff I don’t really want to practice.

  11. Well, aren’t you going to respond?

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